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February 26, 2005

Has the Tsunami appeal cut other charities short?

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This article deals with the delicate issue of whether the huge support that the British public has given to the victims of the Asian Tsunami will mean that other longstanding charities will suffer.
'James Morris, the agency’s executive director, said: “The challenge we now face is to ensure that a tsunami effect does not ripple across Africa, drawing funds away from humanitarian operations there and adding Sudanese, Angolan and Liberian victims to its toll.” '
It does however go on to discuss whether this mass outporing of donations will simply deprive other charities or whether it will in fact make the public more aware of the plights of 'the impoverished' and increase their overall giving permenantely.
This article raises the question of whether our generous givings to the Tsunami appeal may have seriosly injured domestic charities, such as the RNLI, which is totally dependant on donations for its survival.
However, the message is optimistic, for while many charities' income has dropped, many people have given to charity for the first time, and perhaps will to continue to do so.

Earthquake in Iran

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This article on the Iranian earthquake in The Guardian is very factual
and straightforward, simply describing the events without comenting on any of the politics of the situation.
However, it is very clear from what the article describes that a large proportion of the deaths and casualities caused by this earthquake, and others in Iran, are due to the poor quality of housing, which collapses easily. The lack of infrastructure also hugely hampers rescue attempts. Considering that the earthquake was 6.4 on the Richter scale, the devestation and chaos it has caused, destroying whole villages and filling hospitals, is disproportionately high.

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