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October 24, 2004

Other blogs

It has also been brought to my attention recently that 2 people on my corridor have personal blogs, Alice Chen and Rose Wheatley, (Editorial intervention: alright, if you're going to be like that, Rosemary Wheatley,) so you can check those out too.

WTV UE Dept:

Follow-up to Late night (not quite) live from O-Third - Breaking it down and keepin' it real.

Well, it turns out that was Security; we got chucked out just after 11.30. In total, we had just over one and a half minutes of useful footage prepared and edited and 20Gb of stuff just sitting on the hard drive. Ah well, such is life! To try and make amends we headed back to O3rd kitchen, (except Geo who had to get the last bus home,) and had a little editing meeting at around 1am. We decided that if we could get G5 time this morning we would have a brief montage of what was coming on our show over one of the good audio tracks, just to introduce people to what we were about, ending with the tagline "Union Events: You can't masturbate all the time" or, failing that, "Union Events: Degree? What degree?" Anyway, that's all academic as the G5s were booked out all this morning and the output manager was turning up at around midday to sort out this week's broadcasts. So now here's another cliffhanger. What will happen to the UE team now? Will they ever get a show made? Will Ed Moore delete their scratch file? Who cares? Tune in next time for more thrills and spills.

Fun with Photos
On a more positive note, and therefore kept separate from the sleep deprivation experiment that is WTV, I have just put up some pictures from Sonja's leaving party in the galleries. Check them out… P.S. Some clarification is required here. Basically, Sonja is Emma's exchange partner who came to stay with us for a fortnight, and she left last Tuesday. So, naturally, we had a kitchen party on the Monday night. As you do.

October 23, 2004

Late night (not quite) live

This is an unusual blog, in that it is not being written from my bedroom as per usual. In fact, this is live from Union North, in the WTV editing suite. "You're still there at 10 at night?" I hear you cry, "Have you been locked in?" In fact, what we are currently doing is editing the very first "Down with Cheese", the Union Entertainments show. As the editing deadline for week 5 is absolutely no later than 2pm tomorrow, and we've spent 3 hours just getting all our footage onto the Mac, (dual-processor G5 baby, and we've got 2 of 'em,) we are in fact pretty much fucked. Ben and Geo are currently trying to lip sync the intro shot. Yes, that's right, they're still on the opening shot of our half hour show. And is that the security guard I can hear roaming the building evicting all the late night oil-burners? Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of this exciting suspense story.

WTV – We got the streets on Smash

Writing about web page

It's Westwood baby boy!
That's right, in our capacity as WTV Union Ents crew Ed and I just got back from filming the one and only Tim Westwood in the union, including an interview. Surprisingly enough for anyone who's heard his radio show he's a really nice bloke, he even chatted to us about the camera we were using as we set up, (apparently he uses the same one for his TV show.) Anyone wanting to see the interview plus everything else we've filmed at the union (confirmed: MTW's "Bugsy Malone," WADS' "Death of a Salesman," People Under the Stairs, Westwood) should tune in to our show at 4pm on a Wednesday, or possibly Monday, (TBC,) in Cholo. Boom!

October 19, 2004

Who thinks this is a good idea?

Writing about web page

Well, having just looked at the website, I'm incredibly tempted to get some bar equipment for the kitchen. I don't think we can afford a full set of optics, (how cool would that be!) but after last night I think we would have less alcohol wasted everywhere if we invested in a few pourers. Oh, and on a semi-connected note: you can reach the roof with a slice of toast in the Rootes kitchens.

October 13, 2004

O 3rd Signature Drinks

Last night we got creative with a bag of ice, a blender and a selection of alcoholic beverages. Here are our favourites:

Opal Fruit Delight – Shot (or 2 if you're feeling dangerous) of white rum – Slosh of blackcurrant squash – Lots of orange juice – Apple juice to taste

Cadbury's – Irish Meadow (Tesco "Bailey's") – Milk – Chocolate drink powder – Pour over ice

Mini Purple (aka the "Fuck Me!") – Twistee shot glass – 1/2 vodka – 1/2 blackcurrant squash

The "....oh!..." – Twistee shot glass – 1/2 blackcurrant squash – 1/2 coffee powder, milk and vodka

The "So Wrong" (but it feels so right!) – Twistee shot glass – 1/2 blackcurrant squash – 1/2 coffee powder, chocolate powder, milk, vodka, Irish Meadow

"You can't possibly do that!" – Twistee shot glass – 1/2 50:50 vodka and orange – 1/2 Opal Fruit Delight (with vodka instead of rum) plus tequila and lime Twistee

Try them, you might be pleasantly surprised! We take absolutely no responsibility for anything stupid you do while drinking these, we took no responsibility for our stupid actions!

October 09, 2004

Happy Birthday Sam!!!!

Obviously I should have posted this yesterday, but we were busy drinking… HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YESTERDAY SAM! Yes, that's right, Sam was 18 yesterday (08/10/04.) Just thought you'd like to know.

October 05, 2004

Welcome to Rootes O 3rd

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog. We wouldn't bother with this, but our fridge told us to. Basically, this blog is run by me (Jon S) and I live in Rootes, Meriden House, on the top floor of O block. I aim through this medium to amuse everyone reading it, and occasionally educate them, (well, we are at Uni after all!) Oh, and just a quick shameless plug; for more of my work see Aerial Roots, my band's website, and WBESU, my Explorer group's site, both of which I made. That's all for now…

October 04, 2004

The Book of Kitchen Wisdom

Here, to open our new blog, is the book of kitchen wisdom. (Well, some pieces of paper attached to our kitchen fridge anyway!) It is essentially all the quotes you will hear on a regular basis in O 3rd:
"Blog it!" Ed
"Do you like girls?" Meg
"You can't spike somebody's pie" Charlie
"There are no ugly women, there is just not enough vodka" Russian proverb courtesy of Alex
"Just put it on plastic and forget about it" Jon
"I've got a lot of head off this pint of cider" Rose
"Guys, I've just toasted my phone" Meg (drunk)
"I like talking about sex with women but I prefer it with guys" Noah
"So, Warwick…" Ed/Charlie
"I'm going to find Rosemary, and shag her" Meg (v. pissed)

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