April 09, 2011

which is more effective?

Yesterday Paul asked which way is better to learn, lectures or teamwork? I think it's hard to decide which one is more effective generally. Some students prefer lectures and they can learn more through lectures while some students may prefer teamwork. Education can't always satisfy all the students' requirements. For example, there are usually 2 or 3 talent students in a class who don't need to follow their teachers' instructions. In contrast, may be 2 or 3 students can hardly understand what the teachers' say. Most of the time, teachers are teaching the majority of the students but not everyone. Generally speaking, we learn theories in lectures and obtain more practical experience from teamwork. Even for one student, he requires theoretical knowledge in one condition and seeks for practical knowledge in another situation. In my opinion, theory knowledge is more important than practical knowledge at the beginning of learning or else we don't need to go to schools. We learn theory at schools and then study practical knowledge at work. Without theory it is difficult to learn in practice. Some of the Chinese didn't get well education but they performed well at work because of the experiences, they learned a lot of things from practice. Most young people, though they learned a lot theory in school but they could work effectively because the lack of experience. However, after several years working, the abilities of these young people usually went beyond their seniors. This was because the theoretical knowledge helped them better at summarizing and conclusion.

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  1. You may wish to consider that in real life as a manager of an organization meetings like the one we had in the modules will be part of your life. Working with others and taking decision. Personally after all those meetings i feel that i can conduct and lead through a meeting in real life. Also, we learnt the theory through our team work by applying in real life. (I consider meeting as simulation of real life)

    Also we should never forget that the only educated person is the one who knows how to learn. . . . . .
    Or else as a Greek philosopher said

    Knowledge is not only what you know but also what you know how and wher you can find it. . . . . .

    10 Apr 2011, 12:23

  2. I agree with you, Vagelis. So that’s why I said it’s important to judge which one is more effective. No matter how many theories we’ve learned, we will never know how to use them until we put them into practice. And I believe the similations can improve our confidence in our future work when dealing with the similar situations.

    Also, just as you mentioned, it’s always important to know how to learn and in fact, we are learning how to learn during our education. For example, in China, before going to universities, students have a whole day classes from Mon to Fri. But in universities, they may just have half day lessons. The spare time gives them the more chance to learn by themselves. After we graduate, we won’t have teachers to teach us what to learn so that everyone should develop that ability-how to learn. There’s an old saying in China, either: if you give man a fish,he will have a single meal, but if you teach man to fish, feed him whole life.

    10 Apr 2011, 22:11

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