March 31, 2011

pressure can be either good or bad

Different situations suit different types of leaders, or we can say different situation will generate different leaders. I can't deny the relationship between a leader's personal characteristic with his leadership style, but obviously, the environment around the leader will influence him to a great degree. It's hard to say which impaction is greater, personality or environment? We did a lot of exercises about leadership in class, but I'm sure, if we were put into real situation, things will become totally different. The significant different between the practice and real life is we didn't have any pressure when practicing so we could do anything we wanted. Even though the leaders made a wrong decision, he won't be punished, his people won't complain about it. If the practice came true, most of us would surely appear more carefully. A leader without any pressure and a leader who is under a lot of pressure will certainly behave distinctly. Pressure can be either an angel or an evil. People who feel pressure tend to be prudent and conscientious, this can reduce the probability to make wrong or improper decisions. In contrast, too much caution constraints a leader's thinking and action. Thus the leader may be lack of creativity and may lose some wonderful opportunities because more risky can generate more profit, if succeed. But his pressure make him to give up the chance. 

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  1. Hi Lucy,

    Great post. I will have to agree that with the role of a leader comes pressure. Even in the class when I had become the leader I felt tremendous amount of pressure…. to deliver the best even though it wasn’t required, I mean we could have lost a task which would have been ok. Now when I think about it I realise what a leader is going through emotionally and I have new found respect for them. It is this awareness that I feel can help me be a better leader in what ever capacity and an active follower in the future! :)

    31 Mar 2011, 00:40

  2. hi rong,
    a nice concern here. i couldn’t more agree with you that pressure give extra tension on leader behavior in regards of decision making in order to deliver shared goals. in my humble opinion, it becomes basic human interest that they always want the best output that represent their capabilities and skills when managing something. for me, by having pressure you will be forced to think, decide, and manage your resource in effective and efficient manner, which i believe it will help to achieve the objectives. conversely when you down have any pressure, you often tend to become complacent when managing something which most like will affect your outcome performance. yet, ability to manage pressure is something really important for leader to channel their followers energy in positive manner.

    31 Mar 2011, 01:34

  3. Thanks for your comments, pressure is not bad most of the time. Just as you said, it helps thinking, deciding, etc. But I think it depends on different kinds of people. Some people prefer pressure because they believe pressure make them more creative and active while some people are afraid of pressure as they think pressure let them feel depressed and worried, and it will reduce their work efficiency. In practice, no one can work without pressure, so it’s important to treat it correctly.

    31 Mar 2011, 13:23

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