November 26, 2010


When I was in CBE course, I didn't realize that leadership was such an important factor in quality management. Deming claimed the institution of leadership and EFQM focuses on creating leadership, so that it is no doubt that leadership should be a significant element in management. However, after I read some articles about 6 sigma, it occurred to me that perhaps leadership was the most important factor in quality management. Building a proper leadership is one of the premises in using 6 sigma. Also, unsuitable social emotional process may lead to the failure of a project as it contributes to 95% of the failure in whole process. Obviously, leadership plays an important role in guiding social emotional process. That is, it seems that leadership should be put in the first place in quality management.

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  1. I agree totally with you, especially, because at the moment I am having a deeper look into the Leadership criterion for the PMA. I mean all the quality approaches guidelines and Frameworks are really nice but nothing without someone who manage them. But also Leaders are nothing without workforce. That is what Paul once has said. Think about sports, football for example:

    You have a great stadium with spectators etc. a tactic for the game, but that does not make the game. Now you are putting a leader in this stadium, better than nothing but the Game might be a bit boring so you need the normal players. :) But putting just the players in the stadium may not deliver teh desired game and result. So to get a high-class match and result you need the leader. And these leaders are performing better when they have a plan in mind and a good surrounding…

    27 Nov 2010, 09:44

  2. Thanks for your comments, Ian. You are definitely right. Even though an enterprise has the most favorable environment, the most advanced technologies and the most excellence employees, it can do nothing without the guidance of leaders. On the contrary, no matter how wonderful the leaders are, they are nothing with themselves alone. All the elements are necessary and a company could fail its business when lacking each of them. What’s more, all the factors are interdependant with each other so that they cannot be totally separated.

    30 Nov 2010, 00:37

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