November 10, 2010

an interesting story

Today I read an interesting story which is about two dinosaurs. One of them realized that there would be a competition for foliage so that he believed change was necessary. In this case, he shrank his body in order to become lighter and more flexible while other dinosaurs did nothing about themselves. Unfortunately, one day when he was sleeping under a tree, the other one came, without noticing his cousin. The first dinosaur ended up his life quickly after the bigger one stepped on his small body. The author wrote the funny story because he wanted us to think about change in quality management. Change is necessary in a company as it is a crucial factor in continuous improvement. However, change could have both good and bad qualities as it mentioned in the story. Though the first dinosaur is flexible and fast enough, he became too small to see. It might be good for a company in one aspect if some changes could be done. However, the bad effects and results of the changes should be considered and analyzed to see whether it is still worth to change. I enjoy the story very much as it really gives a good example in quality management, especially in change.

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  1. Very nice story Lucy :)

    But what is the moral of this short story? You and the author are right saying that change is important and being flexible and fast is vital to survive in the future. I believe that everything in life has benefits, no matter how bad it is and vice versa. But the dinosaur just died because he was sleeping, otherwise the bigger one would have never stepped on him. So from my interpretation, the most important thing is the fact that a company should never sleep, especially when it is in a process of change…

    10 Nov 2010, 09:01

  2. But even if the dinosaur sleeps, it sleeps in the wrong place so it is not protected by dangers.It was under a tree and not in a cave for instance. If a company for xyz reasons has to reduce its pace of progress, it should be done wisely by picking the time to do so. Not every company can stay awake at all times, but it can be protected when it is not creative enough. Maybe through partnerships for this period or sub-contracts.

    10 Nov 2010, 09:16

  3. Oh great point Fani. Very interesting how a dinosaur can mirror the business world. :)
    But yes I think you are right, the dinosaur need someone who is taking care about that what happens around him, when he needs a rest. Another protection could be that the small flexible dinosaur is so far away from the other one, he did some more steps forward than the bigger one, so he can sleep without running the risk to be crushed, because the other one is too far away…

    10 Nov 2010, 09:48

  4. I think that the bigger dinosaur stepped it on purpose….. It is a competitor….. LOL.

    I think that the problem is that the dinosaur wasn’t aware of excellence philosophy….. It saw the need for change but he have done a big step….. No this in not the best practise….. I will go with Kaizen philososphy…... Small steps of change each time. And of course continuous steps… Probably the dinosaur was fun of America’s practices of big steps only once…. I am going with Kaizen…......

    10 Nov 2010, 23:29

  5. I like the story and the conversation.

    All of you focused on the small ‘lean’ dinosaur but I’d like to go back to the big dino.
    In my opinion the story is still incomplete because we don’t know what happened with the big dino. If we wanted to end it there could be two possibilities:

    - big dino survives – now this would mean that although he did NOT chance and stayed big he was all right (he eliminated weaker ones and is ok to live with big ones). Then the story would mean that change is unprofitable hahaha. I guess that’s not the case so let’s think of a second possibility.
    - big dino dies as well – for analysing this story we would need to know why (was it too big?, was someone bigger – maybe other dinos joined forces and became bigger? or else?)

    Let’s find the end (more happy than this :P) for this story!

    14 Nov 2010, 10:44

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