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March 13, 2011

rdm interacts with other courses

Robust decision making has many connections with some other courses and has a wider scope than the courses we¡¯ve learned such as six sigma, leadership and financial analysis. Or to be more exactly, these courses all contribute and affect robust decision making. For example, six sigma and financial analysis are effective methods in making a decision. We can say these methods can¡¯t improve the development of a company directly as they are just the tools in analyzing the situations and problems. Only after making decisions according to results of analysis that a company may gain improvement. Leadership, which usually considered as the most important element in quality management, plays a significant role in making a decision. Different types of leadership can generate different kinds of approaches in decision making. Leaders who enjoy the competition in business tend to make a more aggressive decision while conservative leaders always prefer a less risk decision. CBE has the widest scope in our courses so far and robust decision making is only a part of CBE. A appropriate robust decision assists to the excellent business. However, all these philosophies, methodologies and approaches share the same ultimate purpose: quality management.

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