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March 12, 2011

it's time consuming

Today I read an article that states sleep deprivation sets people up for risky decision-making. Therefore, we can see there are many factors influence on making a decision even though the lack of enough sleep. I agree processed based system is helpful to make a more objective decision, however, it is impossible to make every decision on the basis of system analysis. This kind of decision is time consuming and costly. What¡¯s more, even the data suggests a direction of a decision, we should decide whether we should trust the result or not, this is kind of a subjective decision. Most of the time, we collect data and try to use scientific tools and approaches in order to make a more convinced decision. But it is unavoidable to make decision by our intuition through our past experiences, feelings and thinking. Just as the tools we select to use, we decide it by ourselves subjectively. In addition, it is impossible to make every decision through carefully consideration. I remember a joke which indicates the more you consider doesn¡¯t mean the more you gain. For instance, a bullet flies towards you, the first thing you should do is trying to escape from it instead of calculating its accelerated velocity. In some emergent cases, time is not allowed you to do some analysis before deciding. In this case, only intuitive decision works.

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