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July 19, 2006

Predestinated hostility, predestinated encounter

Recently watched a cartoon called ďwolf and sheepĒ, it’s about two hostile species establishing true friendship. No matter how disagree from the sheep family, or how disdainful objection from the wolf family, wolf Gabel and Sheep Mei just ran away from their home town, stayed in a jungle, watching moon light every night, and forever.

Have to say, wolf and sheep were much luckier than Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet from two hostile families, also predestinated encounter, love lead them to their path, they felt in love, but could not last forever. Juliet was going to fool everyone by pretending death, after that she could fly away with Romeo to have a new life, where no fighting, no combat at all. However Romeo thought his beloved was dead, so he ended his life by his sword in front of her coffin. And when Juliet woke up from the potion, what she saw is Romeo’s corpse, so she ended her live by Romeo’s sword, following her lover to another world.
Yes, all coincident caused this poor couple could not be together forever in the earth; but their immortal love just lasts for several centuries as classic. Is it only when our mortal fresh faded, then our fragile love could flare as stars? Is it mortal human being, have to accept the flowery love wearing away in drops as time goes by?

When people trade off love for money, fame, power, someone sacrifices live for love, should it be worshipful? Or it is pathetic? Eventually, love just a luxury, very few people could afford it, most people only could choose the commodity. Hopefully, Cupid will not be unemployed in the futureÖ






June 29, 2006

personal space for my singing

Dear all:

I found a nice space to upload 100M stuff, so I put my self singing there, including guitar play and karaoke singing. the link is:

by the way, alex you can register one and record your guitar playing there as well, haha.

the space is: www.castpost.com

May 04, 2006

confession and continuous improvement

recently I have been doing research at home, for assignemnts and for the dissertation, at the mean time I downloaded some buddist movies for mental renewal.

in Buddist philosophy, confession and continuous improvement is very important. we should confess everyday, or at least reflect everyday to understand what we have done. something we have done well, something we have done wrong, something in between then we should improve.

how to improve ourselves? there are three points:
1. shame yourself. what is the difference between human being to other being? we will feel shame. e.g. when we did something wrong we will feel shame, when we realised our weaknesses we will feel shame. shame yourself give us an opportunity to look at our heart deeply and clearly.

2, fear. some people will say: no of course not! I wont fear anything! only coward have fear!

yes, maybe you are brave enough to try everything, or handle every situation, or face any difficulty, but this fear is linked with your consciousness.

some people they fear nothing, because they dont believe in karma, causes and consequences. they thought they could escape the law after they did something so called clever, and believe no one could ever know. every concequence has a cause, if people could escape this life, oneday they will still taste the bitter, only matters the time. how can we not fear?

nothing is certain in this world, only death and tax. when that day comes (not the taxation day) even you want to improve or confess will be too late. all your dreams, your ambitions, your reputation, will stop where they were when the death reach his hand to you. time is always so little, and always so much to do, how can we not fear?

3. brave

we always try to give ourselves many excuses to defer day by day. I will do it tomorrow, I will do that next time….not good!
facing our own mistakes and weaknesses plus trying to improve ourselves, it takes bravery. a hero is brave, and a person who try to admit his mistakes also trying to improve is another kind of hero too. mariah carey sang a song hero, that hero exists in everyone, it is our own concsiouness and bravery!

so, continuous improvement one hand need a mentor to advice you; in another hand, you need to believe karma is your witness.

April 09, 2006

knowledge, asset, technology

these 3 are inter-related and interdependent. technology could not exsit wothout proper knowledge and financail asset to develop. knowledge could not renewal or move on without asset (financial) to support. Asset requires knowledge and technology to maintain and develop….

the principle actually is similar to the material vs intelletual consesus. without material suppot intelletual could not last long, without intelletual support material just empty shell. what makes human being became the king of the nature? intelletual, it is the spring of our lives, it's the light of our darkness, it's the oxygen for our soul. however without material support, our body would not be there, so there will not be a carrier for the intelletual.

outsourcing topic

this is interesting topic too, you outsource what you lack, and someone who is good at it offer what you want.

good relationship and marriage should be two ways mutual outsourcing, we both offer each other something we are good at, in the same time we recieve something we lack from each other, hopefully during the whole process we all develop and improve out life, mind, attitude…

(to be continued)

tacit knowledge consideration

this is a very interesting topic, tacit knowledge is more likely to be the philosophy consesus rather a business aspect.

(to be continued, after my PEUSS)

April 08, 2006

the profound sorrow

What is the grief making you so painful?

The profound sorrow

The sorrow deep in your bone and heart

Even in your blood marrow

When someone could not make you stay

Does it mean you donít love any more?

Or you donít have the strength to fight with your fate

What is the furthest distance in the world?

Is the death and alive

Or the distance between the sky and the earth

No, the furthest distance in the world

Is the distance of our hearts

Oppress our emotion

In connection to the profound sorrow

March 29, 2006

5 stories



(立场不同、所处环境不同的人,很难了解对方的感受;因此对别人的失意、挫折、伤痛,不宜幸灾乐祸,而应要有关怀、了解的心情。 )

Different Situations

There are one pig, one sheep and one cow lived in the save place. One day, the shepherd caught the pig and tries to pull him out. Pig was crying, sheep and cow were annoyed by his noise, said: ďWhat is the matter? He often catches us and pull us out, we never cry!Ē
The pig said: ďThatís completely different! He caught you for your wool and your milk only. He caught me for my life!Ē

(People often cannot understand others in different situations. When you see others frustrated, hurt, painful, please try to care them not laughing at them. )

2、 靠自己

妈妈:因为蚯蚓弟弟会钻土, 大地会保护他啊。

Depend on ourselves

Baby snail asked:Ē Mom, why we have to carry this heavy hard big shell since we born?Ē
Snail Mom: Because we donít have any bone to support us, so we could only climb but very very slow. Therefore this shell is here to protect us.
Baby snail: but why caterpillar has no bone either, she doesnít need to carry this shell?
Snail mom: because caterpillar could become butterfly one day, the sky will protect her.
Baby snail: then earthworm has no bone nor became butterfly one day, why he doesnít need to carry this shell?
Snail Mom: because earthworm could drill, so the earth would protect him.
Baby snail cries: we are such poor creature! There is no sky or earth to protect us.
Snail mom said: Honey, thatís why we have the shell! We donít depend on the sky or the earth, we depend on ourselves!

3、 鲨鱼与鱼

曾有人做过实验,将一只最凶猛的鲨鱼和一群热带鱼放在同一个池子,然后用强化玻璃隔开,最初,鲨鱼每天不断冲撞那块看不到的玻璃,耐何这只是徒劳,它始终不能过到对面去,而实验人员每天都有放一些鲫鱼在池子里,所以鲨鱼也没缺少猎物,只是它仍想到对面去,想尝试那美丽的滋味,每天仍是不断的冲撞那块玻璃,它试了每个角落,每次都是用尽全力,但每次也总是弄的伤痕累累,有好几次都浑身破裂出血,持续了好一些日子,每当玻璃一出现裂痕,实验人员马上加上一块更厚的玻璃。后来,鲨鱼不再冲撞那块玻璃了,对那些斑斓的热带鱼也不再在意,好像他们只是墙上会动的壁画,它开始等着每天固定会出现的鲫鱼,然后用他敏捷的本能进行狩猎,好像回到海中不可一世的凶狠霸气,但这一切只不过是假像罢了,实验到了最后的阶段,实验人员将玻璃取走,但鲨鱼却没有反应,每天仍是在固定的区域游着它不但对那些热带鱼视若无睹,甚至于当那些鲫鱼逃到那边去,他就立刻放弃追逐,说什么也不愿再过去,实验结束了,实 验人员讥笑它是海里最懦弱的鱼。

Shark and fish
Someone did the experiment before. He put a vicious shark with some fish together in the pond, but using special glass to separate them. At the beginning the shark attacked the transparent glass everyday, he tried to eat those fish but he could not. Every time staff change a new glass when the glass had a small crack, it became harder and stronger material, the shark often attacked till bleed.

Eventually one day, the shark stopped attacking the glass, so the staff removed the glass, but the shark still stayed in his side. So the experiment was off, staff laughed that shark was the most coward creature in the ocean.

But people who hurt in the relationship before all understood why-because the shark doesnít want to get hurt again.

4、 神迹




A small town in France, it said there was miracle spring water could heal many diseases. One day, a retired soldier with one leg only arrived. People said: ďpoor guy, does he want to beg the God give him another leg again?Ē
The soldier heard it and answered: ďNo! I want to beg the God to show me how to move on my life without one leg.Ē

(Try to accept the fact what you lost, and try to appreciate what you lost. Whatever lost or gaining in our lives, we should try to light up the fire for our future, donít cry for the pass and try to find out the meaning of the lives.)

5、 钓竿


Fish Rod

An old man was fishing by the river, a kid saw it and came next to him. Old man likes the kid so wants to give the fish to him. The kid said no. old man surprised: ďwhy not?Ē the kid said: ďI want to have your fish rod.Ē
ďwhat you are going to do with that fish rod?Ē old man asked.
The kid said: ďthe fish would be eaten very shortly. If I have the fish rod, I could fish for myself, then I could always have fish.Ē

(You might think he is a clever kid, but he isnít . if he only asked for the fish rod, he cannot even have one fish at all. Why? Because he doesnít know how to fish yet, so only acquire the fish rod is useless. The trick for fishing is the fishing TECHNIQUE, not the fish rod. many people thought they have the fish rod so they have everything. As the kid thought as long as having the fish rod then he could always have fish, employees thought as long as they sit on the directorís office then make them always have money.

March 28, 2006

KBAM study – 2

Found time to work on the PEUSS assignment and later took up the KBAM module sheets. Most of the asset management practices mentioned in the module are practiced in our company and able to appreciate it. The module notes gave insight on why central utility is held alongwith ISD and why contractors are managed by CU in TVSM. Some of the best systems and practices in TVSM like TPM,ISO,OSHAS,....were explained. Not sure how far will others in the group would understand all these things. But felt that there were few repetitions from the area of Finance, which could be accepted due to the relevance. Spent some time on asset management and need to focus on knowledge management in the next few days. Tomorrow morning we (the team) will have a meeting at the learning grid to decide on which areas to focus on.

KBAM study – 1

Paul presented the objectives and learning outcomes of the module. The module is going to be with an entirely new way of learning, no class room teaching, no lectures, no internal assessment….its only the self drive and quest for learning which is going to push the module learnings. It would be a different experience for us. Hope to experience it. The syndicate exercise – Meetings on meetings…went on well, with Jane the general manager, Me the food and product manager, Vlad the training manager and Gez the front house /reception manager. The team discussed the issues quite smoothly and was very amicable. It could have been better if such a exercise (with minor modifications ) is held during leadership and excellence module…which might be useful to explain the leader's role or during the CRIP process (Catchball process). I did the summing up on learnings of the exercise and went on well. Later we had a team meeting and decided to go through the KBAM material and meet again on Wednesday to decide further course of action.

March 27, 2006

be a wise girl

【分享】聪明的女人 Be a Wise Girl

If a man began to ignore you, please leave him. You donít have to devote your love and your heart to someone doesnít appreciate it.

任何时候,不要为一个负心的男人伤心,女子更要懂得,伤心,最终伤的是自己的心。如果那个男人是无情的,你更是伤不到他的心,所以 ,收拾悲伤,好好生活。
Never break your heart for any man who is not worthy r. Heartbreak finally only break your heart not his heart. So be strong and carry on.

Never chase the man you like too close, although you love him terribly deep. Give him space and time, otherwise you will lose him eventually.

When a man says to you: letís finish! Donít cry, you should smile and reply: I have been waiting for you to say that, then turn away.

Always believe yourself, treat yourself, let your life splendid. You are not doing this for making anyone regret his lost, you are doing this for your own sake.

Please smile back to the people who truly appreciate you.

Dong go to bar or night club when you feel so lonely. A lonely woman with a cigarette and wine in hand, only make you feel more lonely and upset.

donít go for peacockery, it is drug and you will get addicted.

要有几个死党,独自一人的时候,保证还能有死党为你端茶送水。而不是声竭力嘶的嚎叫为什么说爱你的那 个人不能来陪你。
Have intimate friends, when you alone at least someone could get you a cup of water.

Open your eyes clearly to choose your partner. If you chose the wrong one please leave immediately, otherwise both of you will get hurt.

Go travelling; travelling could fulfil your emptiness.

Know what you want, including the man you love.

None is better than exceeding. Donít find a man because you are lonely, itís not fair for both of you, and lack of responsibility.

Say ďNOĒ to the one you donít want when he courting you, even he says ďitís not your businessĒ.

认真的对待你的工作。工作也许不如爱情来的让你心跳,但至少能保证你有饭吃,有房子住,而不确定的爱情给不了这些,所以,认真努力 的工作。
Be serious to your job. Your job might not make your heart beats like you are in love, but at least your job ensures you have food, house, which love could not ensure. So work hard.

Donít be regret for someone you already missed, if they donít belong to you, then find another one who does.

Donít fall in love with a married man, even he swear he would divorce for you. If he doesnít love his wife anymore, he would divorce anyway, not because your existence.

情人节或者生日没有人送花也无所谓,不必自己去买一束让花店送来。你可以将买花 的钱买精美的礼物,送给妈妈和爸爸。
Itís ok no one buys you flower in Valentine Day, donít buy for yourself. You could save the money for presents for your parents.

You can love a man, but donít give your whole to love him. No one is worthy you to devote your life. If you donít cherish yourself, who else would?

Cook for him when you like, but donít do it everyday. You are not born to cook for him.

sing for yourself occasional, performance doesnít matter, as long as you feel good.

When you feel lonely, get some friends for shopping, chatting and meal. It doesnít have to be lonely.

If you text someone you like without any reply, donít text him anymore.

万一脆弱的不行了,请选好哭泣的对象,不要随便借 肩膀和胸膛。
if you have to cry, please choose a right audience. Donít pick a random guyís shoulder.

从现在开始,聪明一点,不要问他想不想你?爱不爱你?他要想你或者爱你自然会对 你说,但是从你的嘴里说出来,他会很骄傲和不在乎你。
Donít ask him ďdo you miss me?Ē ďDo you love me?Ē. He will say it if he really misses you or loves you. But if you ask him, it would make him proud to ignore you.

不要24 小时都想念同一个人。可以分一点给家人和朋友。
Donít miss the same person 24 hours. Spend some time to your family and your friends.

let him know you like him when itís available. You might not have the answer you want, but at least you try and you wont regret in the future.

If you want to leave a person, you better be quick. If you want to love a person, you better be slow to see if he is suitable for you.

If a man says he love you, believe him. When he says he doesnít love you, believe him too. Always tell yourself, itís lucky to leave a man who doesnít love you.

Love your parents. Call them or have meal with them at least once per week.

Donít have to banish yourself for someone. Life still going on whatever you love or not, finish is finish, why suffer yourself?

Buy good quality clothes, and find a good quality man. He doesnít have to be rich or handsome, but he has to make you feel happy and secure.
If someone said something upset you, try to forgive him. He would be regret he lost a good girl like you.

有一个最少两年内需要达成的目标。有目标的人生不 会太无聊。
At least have one goal you could achieve within 2 years. Without goal life is boring.

If so unfortunately you met a man only aim for sex, please smiles first then despise him: You are the most disgusting loser I ever met in the world. Then walk away with your grace.

If a man uses busy as excuse not to meet you or reply your email, not care what you are now and not share the life with you, please leave him bravely.
Nothing is more important than caring you. Love a man who doesnít love you, you are wasting you time.

Innocent is good, but if you are innocent in every case, it will become idiot.

Learn to live with pain. Some words should be buried in heart only; some pain should be forgotten quietly. Experience made you grown.

Donít wait for man buy you present. Buy for yourself when you want it, you feel much more comfortable.

Donít try to revenge a man after he left you, that only worse your life and your mind. The best way is to live better than before and tell him: ďThank you, I am happy.Ē

When you have time you can learn yoga and tae kwan do, yoga helps you relax your mind; Tae Kwan Do helps you protect life.

Love the person who loves you. If only you love him or only he loves you, please leave. You donít need someone pretends caring you, and you donít need to pretend caring someone.

Hold your belovedís hand when you walking in the park. if you donít have one, then learn to appreciate the view.

Please believe first sight love, believe there is someone always waiting for you in the corner of the world. As long as you see the world with your heart, and be patient.

做个睿智的女子。学会从容面对生活。积极面对生活 ,生活定会如你所愿,如同明早,太阳依旧会如时升起。
Be a wise girl, learn to cope with challenge and be positive. Life would be as you wish, as the sun rising in the east.

March 20, 2006

on the way to the journey is more important than the destination

when we try to arrive cerntain destinations, did we ignore thebeautiful viewduring the journey? When we try to seek for cerntain outcomes, did we ignore the processes?

one philosophist said:our beginning and destination are all the same-from birth to death, what makes the differences are the view during our journey.

human being often make such mistakes. when we study we only care the marks rather than what we have learnt; when we compete in sports we only care who won rather than challenge ourleves; when we have relationship we only care the workout rather than single detail we share and enjoy….

Yes, we kept the peel and threw all the essential parts of our life, how silly it is!

From today, I want to enjoy my view on the journey, no matter where is my destination, there must be something beautiful worthy to explore….

Robustness, Six Sigma, Engineering

since the product improvement using six sigma, the modules invlove a lot of engineering system design, and I found it's very interesting!

robustness Design and Development even made me want to be an engineer in the future, but my Mths, Physics are very bad, so I know just dreaming.

Now I want to know more about engineering knowledge, and I admire engineers! our lives rely on engineering environment, and the engineers are there to maintain, develop, innovate them, I like Robustness this word, haha!

March 16, 2006

RDD Day 4

Team's discussion on rail crash continues….got some clues on how to go about the presentation..,,team decided on categorising the problems based on various systems (train, guard….) and look for tools which might have been used to avoid those incidences. If we do so will we miss the system thinking or wholistic view again. During discussion one among the reason attributed was to the non-compatibility which would have arised at various stages of development (train station design, railway tracks laying, building trains…..). Anyway, I have to look at RBD and its application in this accident. Need to give a try on this. Seminar discussion started with the same few discussion (Gez views on involvement in discussions are acceptable and expected)....came to vague conclusion as we cannot quantify robustness….I differ in this…thats how it would have started for quality….but today we have hundreds of rating systems to do so…If robustness is the future then people will emerge up with quantifying…..Presentations by Graham & Ossie singh gave a feel as if I am sitting in TVSM…..almost all that was stated right from TGR/TGW/top most complaints/approach to the above…everything were similar. During the post discussion the speakers confirmed the teams thoughts during the seminar and they were not sure about the rating ….. comment by ossie singh that reliability and robustness are interchangeable has taken me back…...long tiring day

RDD Day 3

Reliability enhancement testing was the topic today. As an engineer who has worked in the reliability test lab for few days…. some of the points from Jones were very useful…unexpected failure modes are sign of bad test, test should be designed like a product (which we are yet to start), do not start a test just like that. The Duane test should be very useful in my day to day practices in our company, quite often we talk only in terms of MTBF to substantiate the life improvement but now some statistical evaluation is possible. Test to improve – fix effectiveness…has its roots on expert judgement…still a doubtful tool as this might be misguided due to the views of one person (more people idea might be confusing ). Testing exercise in the afternoon PAPER CLIP brought out the same issues which I have faced in the company….test results are having too much variation due to test differences,tester differences,test equipment,material…..blah blah. The life was predicted using an extreme accelerated testing (actual usage was 5deg while test was at 105deg), our team should have considered the actual usage first and then started the trials. Moreover we did not make any correlation between a customer usage and the test conducted….may be its just a syndicate exercise and this might not be required. But in a real situation this would have be IMPORTANT. Jane's doubt on assuming the the same trend on the other side of the graph ( measured at 105deg but predicting life at 5deg) was very obvious which did not gain the attention required. In the evening disucussion with TKJ on PPMC….hope will have good dreams.

March 14, 2006

RDD Day 2

Day on system analysis. Various analysis tools like reliability block diagram, Markov analysis, Petri net diagram were taught during the morning session. Though these tools seem to be entirely different they have the common base or notion of representing complex systems as easily understood funcitonal requirements. A normal process of learning is to understand a technique, use it in a simple example to ensure the understanding and go further. My process of learning today was a bit reverse, through trial and error arrived at the results and then understood how did I do that. More of circuit diagrams with if and elses…confusing at the first moment but later gives a better picture. i am not able to imagine the size such a diagram for a entire system like aircraft…understanding those diagram might be a real problem. If that is the case, how do people make it happen and convince others. Seminar on what is robustness? brought in different dimesnsions from different people. Discussed in groups of two about robustness…our approach was to bring out the attributes of robustness from normal day to day words used like its robust XYZ. The other teams approach was to see robustness from the perspective of various specialist. Towards the end we narrowed down to reliability, safety and input variation ..further discussion to continue tomorrow. PARIS train crash issue heated up in the team … decided to list the various failures which had resulted in the accident and then try to look fo the tools which would have diagnosed the same. Our team came up with an ample number (25) different reasons or failures for that accident. Will have to work out which tool would answer each problem. LOT TO GO. Have to work on PPMC assignment.

March 13, 2006

RDD Day 1

The video presentation on Paris rail accident was like watching a movie. Need to go through that video once again to understand the entire chain of events. From the initial observation, the rail network system might have been designed with the assumption that the probability of failure of all safety measures is very less hence the overall system is robust enough. Failure of human factor, technical factor, communication issues, managerial issues, lack of commitment everything contributed to the lack of robustness. Quite a good example, wonder whether all the accidents like this would be happening because of all these factors. Had a lengthy decision with the team members on what could have caused this system brittleness and tried hard to come up with alternatives to avoid this in the future. Still long way to go on this discussion (as the inputs on tools used were not known). The after noon session on fault tree analysis was elaborate and reminded of the earlier experience I had in TVSM, preparing a FTA for engine noise analysis. Though that was a last minute work, very well received by the management and still contining it (I believe…). What ever be the tools and techniques be taught everything required a pre requisite : systems thinking and knowledge about the system. Jones' comment on active and passive components, defining boundaries were quite interesting. But when I did work earlier, everything was taken for granted and expected that the assumptions were understood by all. Binary decision diagram was quite catchy but felt a bit trapped. Took long time to understand. Continuous usage might improve my understanding and identifying application areas.

February 24, 2006

socrates talking about breaking up sorrow

  • Socrates walked on the street, saw a young man was very upset there sitting under a tree, he asked: what's wrong young boy?

man: I broke up with my bird friend

S: I see, but that's normal. if you dont feel any sorrow after you broke up, there is no taste at all for this love isnt it? however I think you jump into this droke up sorrow more serious than you were in love.

man: ah, just lost something one step before I almost had it, such pity, such depression, you were not me how could you understand what difficulty I have experienced?

S: lost is lost, there is nothing you could do more. why not move on, there are still many grestness waiting for you.
man:I will be waiting here, until the rock melt by the sun, until the ocean changed into land, until she changed her mind and come back to me.

s: but maybe this day never come.eventually you would just watch her goes more and more further with another guy, there is nothing you could do about it.
man: then I will suecide to show my fidelity!
S: if you really did that, you lost not only your lover but also youself in the same time, you will lose double!

man: How about ruin her life? if I could not have her no one else could either!
S: this only make her run away from you further, but your intention was to get closer to her.
man: then please tell me what should I do? I do really love her!
S: really lover her that much?
man: yes
S: then would you want the person you love have happiness?
man: of course I do!

S: what if she think leaving you is the happiness she could have?
Man: thatís impossible! She said she find her happiness once when she is with me!
S: that was before she used to think, but now she doesnít think so any more.

Man: so, you mean she has been deceiving me all the time?

S: No! she has been faithful to you all the time! When she was loving you she wish to be with you. Now she doesnít love you anymore, therefore she leave you. There is nothing more faithful than this. If she doesnít love you but still pretend she does, even marry you and have kids with you, that is deceive!

Man: but who give me compensation for my lost? I have wasted all my sentiments!

S: oh no no, your sentiment was never wasted, hence compensation never exist. When you give your sentiment she gave hers too, when you brought her happiness she did the same.

Man: But she doesnít love me any more now, I still love her so much! Itís not fair !

S: absolutely not fair at all! I mean to the one you still love now! You have your right to love her, she has her right to love you too. But now you want to use your right in the same time reaving her right! How unfair it is!

Man: but as you see now, I am the one who is suffering, suffering for her!

S: suffering for her? She is happy now, I think you should say you are suffering for yourself! My boy, doing something for yourself but use other excuses, itís not ethics!

Man: so you mean, from the beginning all my fault?

S: well, yes, kind of! If you could bring her the happiness she wont leave you. You should know no one wants to refuse happiness.

Man: what is happiness? I gave her everything! My heart and my soul! You know why she left me? Just because I am poor!

S: you are a very healthy person, why you donít try to get money?
Man: but she didnít even give me a chance! Isnít she evil?

S: of course she is. But fortunately you get rid of this evil person now, you feel happy my child.

Man: Happy? How can I be? After all I was dumped, it made me feel humiliatory.

S: no, young people should only have pride, not humiliation. Remember, being dumped doesnít mean itís not a good thing.
Man: please explain.

S: once I saw an elegant suit in a shop, I llike it so much. When the sales person asked me if I want it , I said: the material is too bad, I donít want it! In fact, just because didnít have any money in my pocket. Young boy, maybe you are that elegant suit.

Man: you are good at comforting people, but you still cannot help me out from the suffer of this break up.

S: Yes, I am sorry that I donít have this capability to help you, but I could recommend a friend who has such capability to you.
Man: who ?

S: time. Time is the greatest mentor of human being. I have seen many many people were suffering by breaking up, it is time who help them to heal their pain, and chose a best partner for them, finally they all deserve the happiness they suppose to have.

Man: I wish I could have that day too. But how should I move my first step?

S: to thank that person who dumped you, and bless her.

msn: Why?

S: because she gave you the fidelity, and gave you a new chance to search your happiness.

After those words Socrates left, and the rest journey should be completed by this suffering young man.

(I wish you could learn something from this dialogue, not only in the love aspect, but also in every aspect in our life time.)


苏:不,她一直对你很忠诚。当她爱你的时候,她和你在一起,现在她不爱你,她就离去了,世界上再没有比这更大的忠诚。如果她不再爱你,却还装的对你很有情谊,甚至跟你结婚,生子,那才 是真正的欺骗呢。


February 23, 2006


Using scorecards for CTQs was a sensible approach, it could have been better if some rating or R-squared value or some index which denotes CTQ's impact on to the system level,subsystem level and product level performance was added alonwith the scorecard. FMECA started with lecture session and moved on to the practical session. Lot of confusions in the areas of understanding failure mode,effect,cause,part level,system level,functions,requiremets…and usage over a period of time is surely going to solve this problem. I will have to gain on job experience in the company alongwith some experts…..which might give me a better understanding. It was really a ritual in most of our supplier companies to conduct FMEA…that too once in a year only or only when a new product is launched… Paul rightly mentioned it as the lip service.How do we make the lip service provider a real service provider??? There is were I need to contribute. Good. Need to work on the inmodule work.


Brief introduction about Jane on DFX followed by the life and reliability distributions lecture ( for me its the nth time), still finding it new, as usual understand at the moment and then later on getting confused. Was able to appreciate and understand the effort put by our company in bath tub curve study and the actions based on that. Afternoon started with eliciting expert judgement by a consultant from Goodrich…its all capturing the knowledge of the experts in relevant areas and using it for product development. It is critical but most of the companies still neglect it and dont visualise the mammoth opportunity loss of not using the expertise. As Vlad was rightly saying the knowledge capture / sharing need to be brought as an obligation of the employees. The seminar on simulation,variation reduction and GD&T was very much useful for a guy like me, who works on the product and not on the production or design side. The few exercises which he gave us tried to keep us on the go. Late in the evening started with the inmodule work and went on till 2200.

thanks to everyone

Thank you to everyone! to Paul, all my classmates, my friends in china and EU, especially my mom.

cintinuously being depressed and upset are useless for me, and I should move on living happily for people who care me.

I will concentrate on my study from now on, and after graduate I will go back China to live with my mom. during these years I ignored her too much, it's time to be a good daughter.

thanks to everyone again.

some reflections

I dont know if this is true, best students get the hardest problems?? then I wish I am just a normal student, I dont need to experience hardest problems, beside I am not a good student anyway.

I remeber there is a story:

a farmer everyday pass by the jesus status, he said: I wish I could take your place, then you dont need to be hang there so hurt.

oneday Jesus seems heard his word and said: ok, you can take my place, but you must promise you cannot say a word no matter what you see and what you hear.

the farmer agreed, so he was there to listen to everyone now. many many people come to pray and talk about their problems, the farmer wish to give solutions, but he didnt eventually.

One day a rich man came over and pray: please let me keep my treasure forever! then he left, but he forgot his wallet farmer wanted to tell him you forgot your wallet, but he didnt.
there. then a poor man came and pray: please help me! I dont have any money! when he was going to leave he found that wallet. "dear juses! thank you very much! "then he left happily. farmer wanted to tell him: it's not your wallet! but he still didnt say nothing. then a young man arrived, he pray: I am going to far away now, please let me safe. at this moment, that rich man came back, and said: where is my wallet? you must have my wallet! give it back to me!

the Farmer finally could not keep quiet anymore, he said: he didnt get your wallet! then he explained what happened, and the rich man got back his wallet, the young man rush to the ship.

Juses said: come down! you are not qualified to be there anymore!

why? farmer asked: I just did the right thing!

the right thing? juses said: that rich man use those money for prostitution, that poor man use those money for feeding his whole family! more over, if the young man miss his ship, he could save his life! because that ship will sink in the sea! now you mess everythign up , because you think you just did the right thing!

sometimes, we always believe we just did the right thing, and we always try to change what happening to our lives. actually, everything is predetinated. what was set is the best choice for us already, if we try to change thing according to what we think it;s the best, maybe we could wourse the situation.

I just want to follow my fate, whatever happen, I believe it;s the best choice for me. there will be something, someone, somewhere….are waiting for me.

cherish what I have, because I would never know what will happen tomorrow.

February 21, 2006


It was customer's voice all through the day. How to gather, what data would be required, what questions need to be asked, it was real fun in doing it….with some assumptions. Discussion on the Kano model was very useful and helpful, that simple graph being used to explain the customers expectations, needs, excitment, how the data speaks in relevance to that, what need to be understood about the data before analysing the VOC….was not knowing the importance all these days. A good learning. Rest of the day was all through QFD QFD and QFD. Eventhough I had some exposure to QFD I hadnt any formal training, nor used it in onhand. Felt embarassed to say that our company follows QFD but I dont have enough experience in using it…. but thats true. The overall exercise was very useful but it has so happened that most of the data entered based on assumptions without product knowledge. ( but agree that it is important to understand the concept behind it ). Surely I can contribute in a QFD team with the knowledge acquired.

February 20, 2006

PEUSS introduction

The module started a bit late after some hussybussy games. Some of the points which were discussed time and again that the 6sigma projects are financially driven,customer and result focussed were fed through the first few mins. But the real difference between SS and DFSS lies in the fact that DFSS focusses not on the process but on designing the process. Felt sorry about the crazy people when Jane told that there were about 10 to 12 semantics for the DFSS steps. Had a risk assessment of my M.Sc project as a part of learning about the risk management, mostly I found it inline with FMEA methodology and Jane was inline with it. The next two sessions were by Peter brooke on capturing customer requirements. Was interesting to know about the interviews, surveys, data gathering, kano model, VOC….Enojyed the session. Next came the overall most disastrous and boring sessionI have ever attended in WMG, the session on Requirements management & Doors by Keith collyer, it was too compressed that he didnt find enought time to explain fully and as he was grazing throught concepts it was harder to follow him continously. Will be happy if people relook at the content of this session and consider the overall time alocated. Followed by the classroom sessions, our team members met to decide on the internal assessment work. I need to go throught DFx from the book DFSS by crevling. Finished going through the superficial introduction given just now and getting ready for sweet dreams.

January 27, 2006

Product improvement using six sigma

what a busy week! I will catch up more ideas later, now need to cook!