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October 13, 2006

Once upon a time…..

... England used to have a decent manager. His name was Sven. His teams didn’t win every game, but usually managed to come up with the goods when it mattered.
Then the tabloids came along and decided that it would be a good way of selling newspapers if they slagged Sven off and hounded him out of his job. The weak and useless F.A., scared of the criticism that may come their way if they stood up for their man, duly obliged and got rid of him.
Along came Smoggie McLaren who, fresh from his triumph (keeping the Boro in the Premiership), was appointed manager solely, it seems, on the basis of being English.
The results are there for all to see. After the disaster of finishing in the last 8 at the World Cup, it now seems like getting into the last 32 in Europe maybe beyond our abilities.
And who are the tabloids blaming? Are they going to admit their part in this fiasco?
Don’t hold your breath…

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