What are Little Pluggy Things?

About me

Roger Lindley

I chose the name “Little Pluggy Things” because of my fascination with the way engineers in particular use language.
Q: What is green and pear shaped?
A: A pear
In the same way, little pluggy things are probably “plugs”, but, hey, who wants to use such boring, simple terms?

I work in the Audio Visual Services department at the main campus, and therefore deal with lots of little pluggy things. If you’re a student, you may only see us when we’re desperately trying to get something working for an already behind-schedule, flustered lecturer.

Having said that, I hope to write about stuff other than audio visual issues. In fact, I may well end up writing about anything and everything other than AV…...

A few statistics:
Age: A bit younger than Madonna
Gender: Male (last time I looked)
Birthplace: Chuckle Brothers country
Grew up in: Newton Aycliffe – an exercise in deliberate anonymity in Co. Durham
University: The Lanch – BSc in Mech Eng
Jobs in Engineering: 4 – mostly cr@p, 1981 – 1995
Jobs in Teaching: 3 TESOL (in Turkey) 1996 – 2002

I can add more if you’re still awake…