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October 13, 2010

Underachievers in Secondary School

Raise aspirations!" the PGCE student called out.  

"Yeah but how do you that?" retorted the lecturer.  

This occurred with some seven or eight minutes left of the lecture; just enough time for us to gloss over ideas like 'guest visits' or 'personalising learning'.  Shouldn't this have kick started proceedings instead of forming the fag-end?

I am blogging on about the lecture held this afternoon at 2pm.  

I sat there, five or six rows from the front, disengaged.  Thank God I had Fruit Pastilles, Thank God I binned the packaging for I don't want custodians on my back.  Thank God even more I was able to have a cigarette before the next lecture started when I shared my opinions with an agreeable colleague.  She's always Wright.  I will share these opinions with you all now.  And as always, would welcome any feedback with open arms.  

Surely we know girls do better than boys.  Surely we know African-Caribbean pupils continue to struggle right the way upto Key Stage 4 and surely we know to carry an umbrella in the rain.

But what of the strategies that we can use to tackle this colossal, nationwide problem.

I wasn't expecting an all-singing-all-dancing-bells-ringing solution; partly because there may not be one.  

The answer, fellow colleagues may lie in OUR hands, our COLLECTIVE hands as those individuals who, in the future, will aim to be marked as Outstanding on a useless OFSTED sheet.  

However, we will only learn if this assertion is true, IF we are given the tools by Simon and Newell, the tools which allow us to introspect.  To introspect, we think aloud, and with several like-minded people this becomes the way we can tackle the issue heads-on.  

We were shown a sneak-peek of the tools today, but with only a few minutes to go before the end, sadly we did not have the chance to work with them.

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