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December 01, 2010

Second Observed Lesson

Just when you crawl out from between a rock and a hard place, gusty winds from Scandanavia and Norsk throw you into another.  I am referring to my second lesson observation.  The first lesson on 'The importance of body language and vocal delivery in presentations' was lacking in resources and planning.  

Thankfully, following a conversation with a pleasant Polish student named Marsina, I was introduced to Prezi.  Prezi is a zooming presentation program, free to use at  It is essentially like powerpoint, but where powerpoint moves forward, causes frequent pain and a well known tool to combat insomnia; Prezi works in curves, pans and zooms.  I urge all readers to give it a go.  You will thank me in the morning.

Well thanks to my Prezi I was able to put on a jolly good show for the guys who are in the process of recording a radio advert for a music event.  However, I was using my own voice too much and need to hand the mike back to the students more.  There is a subconscious tendency for us trainee teachers, when under observation, to feel as if it is US AND OUR SUBJECT KNOWLEDGE that is being observed; when in reality, it is US AND WHAT WE INSTRUCT OUR STUDENTS TO DO which is really what they are observing.

More food for thought.

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