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April 09, 2010

spring ramblings

Might expand the idea of a spring zombie apocalypse somehow... we'll see.

I think I'm on a sugar rush -

Too many Easter eggs, not enough vegetables

And if a rabbit is the symbol of Easter now,

Shouldn't we be eating carrots instead of chocolate?

I guess carrots wouldn't fly with the kids…

Or maybe they would, but across the dining room

And not into their mouths.

And how did it get to be spring so fast anyway?

Just yesterday it was snowing up north.

Like that was worth a four day visit;

To watch my idiot cousin drone into a microphone

On Rock Band - it's not even fun without my friends.

Has anything been reborn yet?

I'm not seeing any zombies rising from the grave

Or the second coming - not even any daffodils yet.

Although I suppose there is new life;

My baby cousin Beau, who is actually a boy

And will be known as Frank by me,

And I saw some lambs on my travels through the country.

And now the sun is out along with everyone else

But myself, because I've got a winter's cold right now instead.

To me, I guess seasons just don't apply.

March 18, 2010

slam poems

Two of the poems that I wrote for the slam on Wednesday. I want to edit the other one and put it in my portfolio, hence it not being posted.

Squirtle, I Choose You!

When I was a kid hanging out at school,
I liked Gogos and Pogs, but do you know what was really cool?
Pokemon was the best and everyone knew
That the favourite of the class was in fact Pikachu.

But no way! Pikachu isn't the one for me
They're cute but against a Diglett, they wouldn't be happy
I want something tenacious, fun, a Pokemon with flair;
I'd choose a Squirtle - let me hear a 'hell yeah!'

Squirtle's adorable, and he's got tons of style,
He'll hit you with 'Water Gun' and an impeccable smile
He can use 'Surf', which is better than 'Flash'
And he was far too cool to hang out with Ash.

Sandshrew? Not a challenge. Charizard? They're screwed.
But a Bulbasaur might put him in a bad mood.
Against fire, ground and rock, Squirtle is the king,
But electric and grass just aren't his thing.

Even Squirtle's big brothers are pretty sweet -
Wartortle and Blastoise are Pokemon I wouldn't like to meet
If I were a Charmander or a Geodude;
Blastoise would swiftly win the fight and enjoy some Pokefood!

I love my Squirtle; he's my number one
I don't think I'd ever want another Pokemon
(excluding a Hitmonchan because they know kung fu)
So Squirtle - I choose you!


"I can haz cheezburger?" he said with a tap
And I saw him smiling up from the doormat
The name of that adorable cat who's a little bit fat
Is the great and honourable Happycat.

Now you're thinking it's all safe (and that
is a common effect of Happy Cat)
but I can hear overhead a pitter-pat
of the Ceiling Cat going LOL WHUT THAT

Although mighty that Ceiling Cat may be,
Happycat would be a better friend for me.
He's smiley and chubby and cuter than he,
The Ceiling Cat, who I honestly find quite creepy.

I think that what I need to cope
is a cat that spies like a periscope
when you feel a need to grope your rope.
The Lolcat Bible says THIS CAT BE DOPE.

Well, you know what Ceiling Cat? Screw you.
Happycat here is pure and true.
He might have maded me a cookie then eated it too,
But he brings the lulz and doesn't watch you poo.

That's kind of hard for me to replicate
But the truth is here to inundate:
We know you've got no chance to fornicate

Lol wut?

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