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November 20, 2007

An Extra Forward Slash foils the Googlebot

Writing about web page

LR Products have migrated from solely serving the automotive and truck cabs business to mainly serving the building trade and renovators with GRP Chimneys, brick effect cladding, stone and brick effect arches window canopies, dormers etc. Moving from the mass identical to individually colour matched products they have rebranded to GRP Building Products.
GRP Chimney rangeWindow arches save time and add featuresBrick effect cladding for areas where real bricks cannot be mounted.

Their web hosts redirected their old domain to the new domain but unfortunately added two forward slashes after the So these linked to (note Blogbuilder fixes the problem!)
When you click on these most browsers take you to the correct page just like the real links below:
I suspected that this was not helping the Search Bots and found confirmation here from Webmaster World: Google dropping urls because of an extra forward slash

GRP Building Products Ltd’s hosting company are removing the extra slash. Good adherance to standards will always help the search bots. Yes these could get around the problem but all the extra parsing and code that they add increases their already considerable carbon footprint. Simple, fast, easy to navigate sites are also greener.

January 09, 2007

Half of all visitors to WMCCM use their own unique search term.

Writing about web page

The last 30,000 visitors to referred by search engines used just over 20,000 different search terms.

The most popular search terms are used by hundreds of visitors resulting in over 15,000 terms being used uniquely by only one visitor.
These visitors may have used other more popular terms but half of our visitors came up with their own search term.

This diversity of terms is generated by the permutations of relatively few key words. One architectural balustrade company recorded over 2000 search terms and 66% of those contained the stem variants of balustrade, balustrading, etc or hand rail, handrail etc.

The diversity is created by refinement, copying phrases, sorting into alaphabetical order by meta search engines, etc. These visitors were brought to these pages by the search engines because they addressed the human audience and used natural, varied, english. This “long tail” of unique search terms cannot be addressed by mechanical key term stuffing.

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