January 28, 2010

Free SEO Tools worth trying out.

Writing about web page http://www.nb2bc.co.uk/login_required/toolboxes/?return=/toolboxes/

I have used a variety of the SEO tools over the years. This week I’ve needed to get out the whole set to analyse one website.

The Links to your page tools generated the widest range of answers. Google’s links: (use info: to see their set) is the most conservative. Some say it only reports links from sites with a PageRank of 4 or more but I have seen too many exceptions to this rule. It failed completely for my site with 1 external & 2 internal links. Yahoo’s SiteExplorer with its excellent filters produces 17 links. The venerable SiteReportCard reports 7 for Google using www.domainname.co.uk -site:www.domainname.co.uk. I like the simplicity of the SiteReportCard so that with some limitations it is easy to train clients up to use it. Their transpanency also allowed that last search to be done with the link text “Domain Name” -site:www.domainname.co.uk and this revealed 65 links with many strong news stories.

PPC Promotion Ltd AdAnother different picture was generated by our colleagues at the NB2BC. Their SEO combination tool collects together the links from each site and gives the PageRank of the top level of that site. This is probably the best combination tool I have used recently and worth logging in at the NB2BC tools page .

All of these tools do reward your time in understanding them, their strengths and limitations.

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  1. PPC Agency

    Just had a look at the NB2BC tool and its actually very good. It would be great if the rank check went beyond 30 positions, might take longer but it would be worth it. First 100 perhaps? Also would be useful to know if it is a Google UK or Google.com search.

    12 Feb 2008, 08:49

  2. James Pennington

    In answer to the post – the tool uses all ’.co.uk’ specific searches on all three engines – the tool is focused for UK SME usage and this was the preferred route. In regards the link page – for further info: the tool reports links from Yahoo as this provides a more accurate route than Google and the Google PR value.

    Hope that helps – regards the top 100 – I’ll take it into consideration and see if this will cause much issue to the speed at which results are returned – some would say that if your past the first three pages – nobody goes that far anyway.

    Thanks for the comment.


    18 Feb 2008, 16:02

  3. Robert McGonigle

    The last month of 2008 the entries for the 24th Jan came in at no 6 as the most popular content on this Blog at 60 page views! How is that? Well Analytics revealed that all these visitors came from images.google clearly looking for toolbox pictures.

    01 Jan 2009, 12:12

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