September 10, 2010

Week 8.5

9:30pm Finished C33 analysis, comparison plots and printed super quick.

11:00am Went to coffee!!!

11:40am Set up experiments for image plots - couldn't figure it out.

12:00pm Overview of all my results with Rachel. Wrote down conclusions.

1:30pm Lunch with Jen.

2:10pm Corrected basic data set for attenuation & S/N and printed.

2:35pm Set up bench test.

2:45pm Bench test with Rachel - unexplained behaviour still unexplained but at least my results aren't compromised.

3:10pm Taught how to image plot by Rachel. Went over report and poster requirements. Future plan.

4:00pm Created my colourful image plots at last. Printed out.

5:10pm Packed everything away. Tidied up and moved out of lab :'(

5:30pm Tea with Jen and URSS people in the Duck :D

September 09, 2010

Week 8.4

9:30am Finished off program including a reprocess version for heavily affected data. Corrected all my C33 values.

2:30pm Missed lunch to go home and pick presentation up.

3:20pm Began C33 analysis and comparison plots - much quicker with my new tecniques and having had practice.

5:00pm Student seminar.

6:10pm Gave my URSS presentation.

7:00pm Back in the lab. Continued C33 analysis and comparison plots, printing as I went.

8:40pm Home.

Week 8.3

9:30pm Spent the morning writing a C33 correction program.

1:30pm Lunch with Jen.

2:00pm Took digital photos of my equipment etc. Printed out nearly all my comparison plots.

4:00pm C33 program looked over by Rachel - almost ready.

4:30pm Finishing program.

5:00pm Home - meal with Jen's work at 6pm.

September 07, 2010

Week 8.2

9:30am Continued final analysis of attenuation and S/N including, graph labels, multiple plot procedures by copying instructions, manual RMS and SD values - made waves.

1:30pm Lunch with Jen.

2:00pm Finished all possible analysis of attenuation and S/N.

5:00pm Finished powerpoint presentation.

7:30pm Antimatter Lecture in L3.

8:45pm Home

Week 8.1


9:30am Continued building comparison plots, recording statistics for each data set and generally using Igor to give me relatable and understandable results.

1:30pm Lunch with Jen.

2:00pm Continued building comparison plots, recording statistics for each data set and generally using Igor to give me relatable and understandable results. - Basically data analysis.

4:00pm Departed on the seemingly doomed venture of interpolation.

8:30pm Home.

Notes: Yes, it's week 8 at last! And yes, 8:30pm home ..... it was a tough one.

Week 7.5

Believe me, I must have been so productive I'm suffering from repressed memories of the day.

September 02, 2010

Week 7.4

9:30am Analysis of all data sets using VI.

12:00am Fire Alarm!

12:15am More analysis of all data sets using VI.

1:30pm Lunch with Jen.

2:00pm Finished analysis of all data sets using VI.

3:00pm Igor processing of all data sets including 3 graphs per data set.

5:00pm Finished Igor - went to student seminar.

6:00pm Home.

Week 7.3


9:30am Continued analysis vi to iron out problems. Rachel made her Super Automatic Mode.

12:30pm Edward's leaving meal in The Old Mill.

2:30pm Finished off analysis vi and played around with outputs etc. Did a couple practice runs. Used data in Igor to make graphs etc to see results.

5:00pm Home

August 31, 2010

Week 7.2

9:30pm Discovered Rachel had already moved the stack of kit for Edward. Wired the PC back up in the normal lab. Loads of updates on the PC. Talked with Rachel through the day with snags.

9:45pm Continued with my LabView Analysis Reconstruction VI. Added loads of programming to output more info.

1:30pm Lunch with Jen.

2:00pm Continued with LabView. Finished all but temperature conversion and finding the density of the sample for finding C33.

5:30pm Home.

Notes: At last a day without data acquisition! It actually felt great programming all day which says a lot. Plus I'm actually loving my VI, no more manual signal to noise measurements! Hopefully start getting some results tomorrow :)

Week 7.1

Bank Holiday!!!!

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