May 03, 2005

my day

my day:

starts off ok, i go to do some work with a mate we end up chatting for about 2 hours but its all good. i do a little later anyway. dull naps, convosations revision etc all day. get to about 7–8 when i talked to jo on msn, and the plan is drunk then out to punk disco/top b. i succeded in the drunk we play some sort of drinking wist or hearts or anything and i get mildly weedled (what a word ah weedle truly the most useless of all pokemon, i had a lvl 100 weedle called MR weedle, he was shite) some of my mates got proppa spaded.

anyway the night continues as planned ish. the music is going, my dance moves are flowing (i thought that one up all by myself) and its all gravy. i meet up with a couple of my more wasted mates and we decide to go for a ramble, a favorite pass time of ours, this part of the night was a bit weird but nothing next to what was about to happen. me and paul have gone ahead of the posse when this UTTERLY wasted guy comes up to us and is asking for help. me and pablo being gentlemen try to help it turns out he wants us to take him back to cov which is about 4 miles away. he can't be left on his own he's too wrecked so we get a taxi with him. once we get to the first lights his girlfriend pulls up along side us and they have a bit of a chat and arrange to meet back at his. so it turns out this guy is a middle weight boxer called luis davis (and therefor PROPPA HENCH) and he's just scared wit less for no apparnt reason. we get to his place and drop him off then get the taxi about half way home but them run out of money so have to walk back.

im sorry i dont feel i did the story justise but seroiusly it was feckin strange. just some ToTaL random come up to you and is like i need you to carry me home its miles away. AT 3 AM. cripes


no ! tonight had quite enough of that

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