March 06, 2005


those of you that know me have probaly at some time seen me just stop what ever i was doing and stare at some random point in space (normally in the middle of some night club) ocasonally jecking my head about like a bird and dramatically stoking my chin. well i kinda hope at some point you wonderd what the ruddy heck i was up to.

well most of the time its pretty fruitless and trying to explain (in an intresting way) what im thinkning about would require you to have shared at decent sized chuck of all the momories i've ever had cos theres are loadsa back refrences and in jokes no one else knows about. but i while ago i had one that was almost a stand alone complex (gits (wow i never knew the acronym) …anime refrence)

well i was on the bus to the collisum last thursday and it was pretty packed, i was with a few mates but i was also in a bit of an off mood so was wasn't talking to them (not ignoring just quite for a moment) and i heard really clearly over the normal level of convosation someone say something along the lines of: 'so how long have you been bisexual?'.

now i don't believe that the word were spoken anylouder than anyother convosation on the bus but they still stood out because i was intrested in them. i don't find the words so, how, long, have, you, or been very intresting so i assume it was bisexual. now one question would be why did i pick up on bisexual, i can imagine this is a pretty long answer and there have no doubt been many books writen about it so i considerd the second question: if the word i was intrested in was at the end of that sentance and i wasn't listening to her talk before the good word came up, how did i know what the other word leading up to it were?

well the only explanation i can think of is that at all times we are listening and taking in all the infomation that is going on in the world around us and splits it into seprate convosations, but we just don't care about it. but when i hear a key word that i'm intrested in my mind goes back and figuers out what voice the words were spoken in and looks at all the noise that ive heard recently and picks out all the things that were just said in that voice and reconstrusts the entire sentance and then plays it back to me in real time.

ok so you prolly already knew this, i think i most likly did to, but its still a cute illustration of why just thinking makes me happy. When i start looking around at nothing its cos i'm trying to work out something like this, when i frown that means im making progress, if i smile its normally because i've got back to something i've noticed or been told before but had never linked to this situation and when i laugh i means i've got back to something familier but last time i was saying the oposite.

(nd on a side note my tutor (who is a total dude and has the most awsome mind i've ever) made a refrence to newspeek from 1984 so it really does crop up everywhere and its not just me)

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  1. OI ROBERT. what was that quick and sneaky logging out of msn you did just there? gah. rude.

    Found a new word! Well, an old word actually, but its rather nifty. "Cripes!" How marvellous is that?! Cripes. Heheheheh. Reminds me of crepes. and crisps. Ah two wonderful foodstuffs implied in one wonderful word. Cripes. heheheheh.

    Oh – note to everyone – Rob is a total drunkard who vomited many many times and didnt even reach the union on friday. Haha. (But stop apologising for it you noodle. At least you went to sleep. I had the bright idea of staying up all night, and i'm still totally paying for it)

    14 Mar 2005, 21:42

  2. Interesting post. I didn't see where you were going until "how did i know what the other word leading up to it were", which is brilliant.

    One thing I would say is that your interpretation that it was the 'word' bisexual which caught your ears may be worth revision. It is likely that the phrase "so how long have you been bisexual?" was uttered in less than two seconds. I think it plausible that instead of your mind picking up mere words, it instead picks up sentences. Could it be that rather than your brain picking up that one interesting word and searching your cache for the rest of the sentence it actually just picked up the sentence as a whole? In the same way that you might pick up a sentence such as "you cannot be serious that my sister went down on you in the pool" – there is nothing remarkable about any of those words on their own but as a phrase it's probably going to be picked up by you (or other passengers) in the same way that "so how long have you been bisexual" was. Do you see what I mean?

    05 Jun 2005, 04:40

  3. rob

    thats a good point actually i haden't considerd that hummm it makes a lot of sense really, oftern i don't actually know what someonw has said exactly i just have a genral idea of what the sentance ment at the end of it. still the observation that we are always listening is the same, just a little less intresting

    05 Jun 2005, 10:24

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