March 09, 2006

a happy day some time ago

Writing about web page

my sister once wrote a story about my god friends sam and arne:
it's one of the top links when you search for sam in google, his parents weren't impressed

this is an e-mail i sent to a friend on the 30th of jan 2005. i found it the other day and really like it.

Hey, ive been having such a good day I want to tell someone about it and i guess you’ll do :P

It started with me waking up in my room, not exactly a surprise, which was ace cos last night it was. I checked the clock: I still had an hour of sleep, result

Then to the lectures (I had breakfast etc which was pretty mediocre) the 1st was linear algebra, not my fav subject, but my second so I can live with that, then lecture 2 probability: we had a test, bad, it was easy good, that’s 0.05% of my degree right there. Lecture 3 was hilarious, the lecture (did you know ht is a word? I just found that out when word didn’t underline it) had clearly had some acer news today he wrote down the theorem, said ‘to prove this use the lovely theorem 1.1’ and actually wrote ‘follows from lovely theorem 1.1’ WHAT A DUDE. The whole lecture he was (as you might say) ditzy just stuff like ‘well we might as well put a modulus sign around it it doesn’t make any difference’ or ‘you could chose a number less than 1 but you may as well state M>1’ (guess those don’t really work out of context but from an analysis guy that is pretty radical) and right at the end of the lecture he was trying to prove something simple and got it wrong and was like ‘ah who cares I’ll do it next lecture’

Then the tutorial I ask for help on 2 questions from linear algebra, the 1st was an assessed question we have to hand in for credit, the 2 was labelled ‘(hard)’. he solved the 1st, and sat thinking about the 2nd for ages(like 5–10 mins) (he has real trouble talking down to our level he keeps wanting to prove things using ‘axiomatic set theory’), I had just worked out how to do it and wrote it down and was about to ask if it was right when he goes AHA (in the style of alan partridge (well that’s how I like to remember it)) and spends the next ½ hours ish telling the others in my group how to do it. (im so cool)

Then IQE , these lectures are always good cos the guy that’s does them is the best lecturer in the world ever . (had I been talking to you I would have said ‘FULL FREEKING STOP’ and maybe added a ‘BABY’ for good measure but that doesn’t really work in text) so enjoying that was a given

I get back to rootes eat some mouldy cheese that hasn’t made me ill yet and tasted pretty good, copied up my work, handed it in and when I get back, low and behold DAVE HAS FINISHED HALF LIFE. Which means I can give him a schooling in counter-strike. Ah bliss I have nothing to do but play cs until my mummy comes to give me a lift home and a good meal. Tomorrow a funeral….fucksocks.

Well I hope your day was really really fun, im gonna be miserable tomorrow so you’ll have to be happy for 2

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  1. Ah, David Elworthy and his Lovely Theorem. I remember getting really confused when revising Analysis in my first year because I hadn't got anything in my nots telling me which theorem was the Loevely one.

    09 Mar 2006, 17:49

  2. ah David Elworthy that was it, he was great that day i even drew a portriate of him in a spare page of my notes…not that i wasn't intrested in what he was saying or anything

    09 Mar 2006, 21:40

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