January 28, 2005

my sassy girl (Yeopgijeogin geunyeo)

Not rated

this is one of the best films i've seen in my life. im a bit of an korean cinema fan boy it must be said, the style of korean direction is just diffrent compared to us/uk. it's kooky i think is the best word. one of the things i noticed (not with this film but asian films in genral) is that main charaters actually DIE, and stay dead. its not knowing the rules of the film thats makes them exciting. in holywood you know that the megastar is gonna make it to the end so when he's in danger it's just like 'ooooh i wonder how he's gonna get out of this', where as in k/j-films you dont know that he will. i guess it also helps not knowing whos famous in the films, i.e. brad pitt oftern plays similar roles so when you see him you feel comftable and you know roughly what sort of person he's playing.

My Sassy Girl is supposed to be based on the real life experance of the main man Kyun-woo (altho i seem to remember a G in his name from the subs ive seen of it…odd) but how true that is i dont know. anyway its a romantic comady that gets a bit soppy at the end but is awsome fo about an hour 40. i'm kinda getting tired of writing and cant really explain anything very well at the best of times. i love this film, its one of the few where i really loved the charaters, and noticed clever direction at the same time

(oh and if you've seen it please give it an imdb rating (even if you hate it) its not far away from getting top 250…at least i dont think it is i can never really understand thier system i don;t think im given the right numbers)

just an emoticon on newspeak

Not rated
im sorry if you wanted a good reveiw of this book i really don't know a great deal about literature (i even had to look up the spelling in dictionary.com). just like to comment that the idea of 'newspeak' is absolutly awsome. it's something i come across quite a lot when thinking about all sorts of things, this last happend to me on saturday when i was thanking about why i like the music i listen to. (i guess its hardly a surprising link but i didn't really expect it)


i wonder what PDP stands for


i had a really good day. i wanted to tell someone …. not sure why.

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