October 04, 2012

Starting GTP

I planned and took a year 8 class last week. It ended up with me doing just about all of it because the teacher was off sick. It went well but this set of pupils only ever feel a few seconds away from rioting. A small amount of noise builds very rapidly into full-scale disruption. I'm not sure that I would have kept order if the cover supervisor had not been there. I also did a few starters. One with year 7 about smoking adverts and how the related to current pseudo science adverts such as Laboratoire Garnier stuff; it got a round of applause. I showed them the Mitchell and Web sketch which was a very lucky find as it was perfectly relevant, made a very important point, as well a being very funny. On Tuesday I did a section on the Doppler effect using a 3d simulation that I had written. This went down very well, as it makes the effect very easy to see and understand. It was also very easy to involve the class in taking part in timing the wavefronts. The teacher said it was 'brilliant' and asked to have the software for another class. I've decided to use the 3d simulation stuff as the core of my MA. It should be possible to put a few together and evaluate with a class and also get some teacher feedback.

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