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June 08, 2005

just how hot is christina – a mates drawing

i recieved this off msn from a mate of mine how hot is she, i know it is a drawing but really she is so hot hehe

June 07, 2005

music i guess i dunno why you ask me silly questions like what is the title

hello everyone who reads this which probably means 1 or 2, so hey how you doing hope everything is cool.

I really just thought i would right this blog to moan that there is a limited amount of live music in the union. I am a keen music fan i feel, well i like going out to see live music as much as my wallet and friends wish to go with me and i am now trying my up most to head out to the academy in birmingham to see gigs. I not complaing too much there is jam, crash, and rootes acoustic folk tho i have never made it to the latter and crash has only had live bands this term, but the union must be able to put on a night like pressure or mojo which have regular people performing for a rockier/punkier/scarier/new metal kinda audience which i think is quite popular at the moment. I dont really know too much about it, i never claim to have and i am sorry if this is complete rubbish but it does seem to me that some society like band soc should have a regular night at the union maybe in the graduate club or something.

I know band soc/punk soc do occasional gigs in robbins well of which i have been to two so far, so surely they must have the know how at least to put something on in the union. Oh well it only a little moan as i am bored and stressed with exams. Yes exams are still going on for some of us first years, so think about me out in the clubs, oh well i am off to see jesse james and pickled dick who i love hehe it going be great tormoz night wed night at bar academy so if anyone sees me there dont say hi cause u probs wont know what i look like and if u do know what i look like somehow come up to me and say


and i may even kiss u not that anyone would want me to lol

have a good time people partyin

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