June 07, 2005

music i guess i dunno why you ask me silly questions like what is the title

hello everyone who reads this which probably means 1 or 2, so hey how you doing hope everything is cool.

I really just thought i would right this blog to moan that there is a limited amount of live music in the union. I am a keen music fan i feel, well i like going out to see live music as much as my wallet and friends wish to go with me and i am now trying my up most to head out to the academy in birmingham to see gigs. I not complaing too much there is jam, crash, and rootes acoustic folk tho i have never made it to the latter and crash has only had live bands this term, but the union must be able to put on a night like pressure or mojo which have regular people performing for a rockier/punkier/scarier/new metal kinda audience which i think is quite popular at the moment. I dont really know too much about it, i never claim to have and i am sorry if this is complete rubbish but it does seem to me that some society like band soc should have a regular night at the union maybe in the graduate club or something.

I know band soc/punk soc do occasional gigs in robbins well of which i have been to two so far, so surely they must have the know how at least to put something on in the union. Oh well it only a little moan as i am bored and stressed with exams. Yes exams are still going on for some of us first years, so think about me out in the clubs, oh well i am off to see jesse james and pickled dick who i love hehe it going be great tormoz night wed night at bar academy so if anyone sees me there dont say hi cause u probs wont know what i look like and if u do know what i look like somehow come up to me and say


and i may even kiss u not that anyone would want me to lol

have a good time people partyin

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  1. Isn't there live music in the graduate every monday or am I talking bollocks?!

    08 Jun 2005, 08:42

  2. you are dead right i forgot about the music room, but once again this is soul, jazz and hip hop generally i think correct me again if i am wrong

    08 Jun 2005, 09:55

  3. The only time I've watched a band in the music room is wasn't exactly either of those, but that band could have been an exception of course. I would correct/confirm what you said, but I'm no voice of experience!

    08 Jun 2005, 12:42

  4. Hang on, there are plenty of gigs happening in the local area: Robbins Well have gigs most Thursdays and Saturdays, theres a band night every Monday at the Jug and Jester, and plenty of other venues like the Phoenix, the Colosseum and the Golden Cross have frequent band nights. Bandsoc are currently building up relations with Warwick Hospitality and have already put on two gigs in The Bar this term and there should be a gig/BBQ at Surfers Bar, Westwood next Sunday. Monday-Wednesday of week 10 there are shedloads of bands playing during the afternoon in the Piazza as part of the Warwick Student Arts Festival.

    The problem with putting on gigs in the Union revolves around the extortionate cost they charge to hire out rooms to their own societies. It costs £200 to hire the Graduate Club for a night, and the capacity is only around 120 people. Now, unlike the other music socieites, we've been lucky enough to at least breakeven every event we've put on there, but to be honest it doesnt seem worth the hassle when other venues like Robbins Well don't charge us a penny. The Union's pricing strategy is up for review, and the manager of The Bar is keen to start a regular live music night on Thursdays to claw some business back from Varsity, so with any luck there should be a lot more live music on campus next year.

    If you feel strongly about the lack of provision for live music in the Union calendar, send an email to Darren the Ents department- they're the ones responsible for planning Union events and booking acts.

    The history and success of live music at the Union has been a chequered one: last year in the first two terms there was Late Night Live almost every Tuesday, where they'd have a few live bands playing on the marketplace. Some of these were good, but on the whole they were poorly attended and lost money. This was mainly to do with the fact that they booked any old tripe being touted by the NME as the next big thing that no-one had heard or cared about, when they should have been going to the music societies and asking them who they'd like to see play.
    Then there was the case of Virtual Glastonbury at the end of last year, where each venue in the Union became one of the stages at Glastonbury: the marketplace was the Pyramid stage (with the Lovegods and the Others), the Cooler was the dance tent (with Arthur Baker and the Loose Cannons) and Zippys/the Graduate Club was the new bands tent (with 6 Bandsoc bands playing). Now, this should have been huge: last week of term, renowned rock and dance acts and a good excuse to go out and get lashed. However due to indescribably bad promotion on behalf of the Union, no-one turned up because they didnt know it was on. By 10pm the Cooler was being closed, the headlining band decided not to bother playing, and all the bars were being shut and punters being turned away. There were 90 people in the whole Union. 80 of which were upstairs watching Replica X. Yet its taken almost a year and an incredibly successful Battle of the Bands for Ents to acknowledge that Uni bands hold some draw. Hence the new live bands at Crash format, which is working well because its essentially combining Crash and Late Night Live to make a better and stronger event. And when it was just DJs it only got good at around midnight.

    Now, may I interest you in a Battle of the Bands Final DVD?

    12 Jun 2005, 13:25

  5. i appreciate the reply and i do accept pretty much all the comments u have made, i did notice the bar had put on live music and i had forgotton about that. I am amazingly shocked that the guaduate costs as much as it does to hire out especially when it is in the union and surely the union should be providing decent entertainment and a venue for people to enjoy at least at a cut down price for the societies oh well money drives everything i guess.

    i know there is alot of live music around and that is kind of the point u have loads of first years and graduates on campus who would love an easier venue to get to eg by walking than going to robbins well i have been there a couple of times this year and i enjoy the venue loads but not the travelling, i know this sounds lazy but what can i say. As for the glastonbury theme sounds like an awesome idea so shocked it didnt work oh well.

    my mate has emailed the ents director about live music and he gave a not too keen reply i mean in freshers week we had captain everything an awesome band but it seems there has been little and far between since then.

    oh well it only a blog and i just wanted a little moan i thank you again for your very informed decision and i hope more people may read it

    13 Jun 2005, 21:24

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