January 10, 2006

update finally

oops sorry i havent kept this up to date i dunno been busy since last year lots of change ne way enjoy this little update

Well there are two reasons that i want to write this blog a) to say hi to all those people that may read this and show off my xmas which was probably fairly normal but i love xmas so i will say it was well amazing and all neways oh and b) to shout at you about a new amazing band that are touring and i will not see but should ne way enough of that

Xmas well more Xmas holidays and all so i broke up from uni early as some of u will know and headed soon off to bristol to see my girlfriend which was cool then after which i had my 20th bday which was totally crazy and amazing nice to see all my mates from schoool wish more uni people could have come but was general good drunk fun which i am sure ne of u who have been out with me drunk will know. I also went skiing in the hols for the first time al be it on fake real snow lol at snowdome and all was so so much skiing am going at easter which should be totally ace. Hmmm yeah had a cool xmas, eve was cool went to the theatre with fam and gfs as they called in my family i have 3 brothers btw hmmmmm neway so that was fun got my xbox 360 for xmas which is awesome oh if u have one and am online add me to ur friends list xboxrob is the username i pretty sure thats none of u but ne ways be cool if one of u did. right hmmm next to new years which i spent in florida was there from boxing day till uni which was cool but was ill new years eve so oh well but was nice with fam in the end so that cool. Then i came back and been at uni ever since had a bit of work and all been fun so far. Still got radio show tho now it on Monday at 11 which i think is a better time neways went really well tonight which was cool tho i not sure was on the internet. radio.warwick.ac.ukl is the web add to listen if ur interested

right and just quickly as i am now very very tired and knackered from typing please please go listen to this band as they are amazing just got their album not sure when it out but the single is coming out soon i write sins not tragerdes and it really cool they are from las vegas tho no killers connection relatively new band are touring like now tho sold out unfortunately if u have a spare ticket give me it lol

ne way i hope u all enjoyed reading this" it just a bit of fun really" that a movie quote if anyone reply/msgs me with what movie i will give them a can of red bull

June 08, 2005

just how hot is christina – a mates drawing

i recieved this off msn from a mate of mine how hot is she, i know it is a drawing but really she is so hot hehe

June 07, 2005

music i guess i dunno why you ask me silly questions like what is the title

hello everyone who reads this which probably means 1 or 2, so hey how you doing hope everything is cool.

I really just thought i would right this blog to moan that there is a limited amount of live music in the union. I am a keen music fan i feel, well i like going out to see live music as much as my wallet and friends wish to go with me and i am now trying my up most to head out to the academy in birmingham to see gigs. I not complaing too much there is jam, crash, and rootes acoustic folk tho i have never made it to the latter and crash has only had live bands this term, but the union must be able to put on a night like pressure or mojo which have regular people performing for a rockier/punkier/scarier/new metal kinda audience which i think is quite popular at the moment. I dont really know too much about it, i never claim to have and i am sorry if this is complete rubbish but it does seem to me that some society like band soc should have a regular night at the union maybe in the graduate club or something.

I know band soc/punk soc do occasional gigs in robbins well of which i have been to two so far, so surely they must have the know how at least to put something on in the union. Oh well it only a little moan as i am bored and stressed with exams. Yes exams are still going on for some of us first years, so think about me out in the clubs, oh well i am off to see jesse james and pickled dick who i love hehe it going be great tormoz night wed night at bar academy so if anyone sees me there dont say hi cause u probs wont know what i look like and if u do know what i look like somehow come up to me and say


and i may even kiss u not that anyone would want me to lol

have a good time people partyin

May 31, 2005

Exams – finally started

My exams finally started today arrrr, tho it didnt go too bad which was cool. I have rubbishy test tomorrow which only a small one but is still hard. Hmmm seems so long away now 11th june the day of greatness when exams are over, and everyone else is finishing much sooner oh well at least i had more time to revise hmmm more like mess around lol.

oh well good luck to all of u with exams, i going sleep now i think.

May 26, 2005


it seems my life is full of waiting at the moment, it not that, i am not extremely happy about the present time but it seems that such great things will happen soon and am i stupid to waste my time now thinking about that or just live in the moment i dunno.

At the moment i am waiting for my mate to come over to go out to the great gig that will be tonight in the cooler with andy hamilton. I am also looking forward to exams being done with and my summer holiday of nearly 4 months a 1/3 of a year to start how crazy is that. I got bright eyes concert, holiday, seeing all my mates and then reading to top off my summer. Then the start of year 2 how crazy will that be, and probably incredibly happy something i am definately looking forward too alot. But oh well i got exams at the moment the chance to succeed and do well or most likely do alright at but whos complaining wow this term has been pretty werid but my first year at uni been so great wow i met some awesome people i cant believe it nearly over already, i wish i could go back to certain parts of it and make them last for ever, especially end of term 1 was amazing when i met someone so so special, and then pretty much the whole of term 2 with my mates pretty crazy ohhhhh

i dunno really the point of this blog just to waste time i think. Oh well see ya all soon

May 25, 2005

Random night madness

Well i been trying to get to sleep for about 4–5 hours now and after watching about 2 hours of magnolia – an excellent film by the way, i tired but just cant sleep so i thought what better way than to spend my time blogging.

I guess there must be some reason why i cannot sleep so i thought i just try and get out whats buzzing around my boring and insignificant brain at 2:19 on a tuesday night. The thing that is going round my head is how little things can make you happy, maybe this is too soppy or what have you but it is true a number of small things can make u extremely happy. Today i went on a lovely walk as per usual with a couple of friends, i like my walks round gibbit hill woods and it is something that i look forward to everyday ahead of anything else. Today was an unusual walk as i was with 2 of my friends not the usual 1 who i walk with, and it was on this walk of 2hrs 30 mins that i did something that i havent done since i was a child. The game where u spin looking at the sky till u are dizzy and then try and remain standing. Much to my dissapointment i managed to finish second, but quite funnily i ended up throwing myself, obviously i was out of control as anyone would know playing this game, into some stinging nettles.

Now i know this may not seem like a happy thing and the subject title maybe confusing but there is something about it that made it the most enjoyable thing i have done for ages, maybe it the unplanned randomness of it i dunno it was a particular highlight of my day, heck probably week or 2. A number of cool and wonderous things happen on these magical walks and it is something that is most important to me. Amazing as i am probably the laziest person in the world but i guess people change maybe i will turn into an oldie who likes strolls in the parks and is looking for love, i hope so as it seems far more romantic than meeting my girlfriend drunk in top b. Oh how life seems so complex all the time, but then i guess it would be boring if not. Wow i feel so alive at the moment so full of ideas about life and thoughts and so many things when usually i am just living to breathe, it is pretty amazing. I guess it is amazing how people can change your life and just how much people can actually mean to you. How can evolution occur so productively when peoples feelings rage out maybe evolution is a part of those feelings who knows, but wow to feel love kindness and friendship is to be alive, i just wonder if animals can feel the same it would be terribly sad for them if they could not, no matter how painful things may get to love someone once even for a split second is the most important thing. The thing i think that scares me the most and maybe it just a guy thing but how do u know that love will last and how do u know that by changing the situation that things will go worse not better as too loose someone completely is a big price to pay but then again it probably is worth it. Wow i am rambling not that anyone reads this shit or could understand lol i wish i had the ability to write or to express myself then everyone could know my true feelings oh well hopefully some late night rubbish brings u closer to me or maybe it just makes me more of a mystery.

Hope you have a good day whenever and however u r reading it

May 20, 2005

The book that made me think

Writing about web page http://books.ladybird.co.uk/nf/Browse/BrowseStdPage/0,,226874,00.html

4 out of 5 stars

Clever Machines by Lorraine Horsley illistrated by Emma Brownjohn


Well i know a lot of u are thinking how can i like such an epic and emotional book about machines but to me it was the ending. I dont think i can ruin it for you but it is very mind blowing and really changes ur perception on life.

Having that said the book is slightly slow at the beginning with just names of clever machines but it is on page 2 that it grips u and from then on you cannot put it down. The sentance structure is unique and clever and the book is generally informative. I thoroughly recommend it to all who wish a pleasent emotional roller coaster and especially to those who love their machines.

Thank you for Lauren Kay who donated this book to me after hearing that i had not read a book since i was 12. it only gets 4 stars due to the poor start otherwise it is really a 6 starer but then there is only 5, so that be boring to do that, so 4 stars it is.


May 19, 2005

my night seeing star wars

I think i will go mad and state that this is the best film i have ever seen, it was absolutely brilliant and to see it at 00:35 was quite exciting however we managed to get seats that were near the front hence we were not in the picture that was put into the paper.

I would love to sit here and explain in great critical detail just how good this movie is but i cant cause i dont think i have the words and i have lost my OED (actually that is a lie i never had one) lol, just go and see it and enjoy it for everything that it is but be warned that you will then have nothing to live for as that is it for the star wars movies, as yoda would say "no more will there be"

Wow my blog is being dominated by star wars at the moment i may talk about something else, nah there is really nothing more important than star wars. i think on that note i will bid u goodbye and i reccommend u go off to ur nearest cinema right now.


May 18, 2005

my first ever blog

well i guess in order to be cool and interesting in this new and exciting technology enriched world i must have a blog and what better way to start it than on the day before the greatest film of all time is about to come out.

I know Star Wars maybe over comerciallised rubbish but i dont care it is an amazing story and one which has had now 6 films made about it an acheivement none the less. I am perticularly excited about this latest one as everyone is and it is that reason why i am to celebrate this occasion with my first blog entry and the fact that i see it tonight/thursday morning at 00:35.

I have therefore spent the whole day googling star wars sex toys as you do on the internet to find that there is a rather limited amount of them around in fact i have found no true real ones. My dissapointment is great as i had hoped for a lightsabe vibrator, this may sound slightly homosexual but i am sorry there pure comedy value of such a toy would make my life complete. Imagine the sound effects and the shining light brilliant. Plus i have a personal bet with a lovely friend in the amount of £50 that i will not find one. In my quest to find such a thing i did however find something much better, a church site moaning about jar jar binks. For those of u unaware of star wars episode one he is a lizard like creature, and according to the aforementioned site a devil icon. according to the Landover Baptist Church, "The demonic characteristics of the Jar Jar binks creature become obvious when one pays close attention. His forked tongue, his lapping, his malignant features, are all too noticeable to the Christ centered man." Well there u go as a non christ centered man i now feel informed.

The problem it seems in jar jar is that young children going through pubity it seems are replacing there love for the opposite sex with jar jar. Now this lizard is cute but really i doubt that this can be possible, well yes it can here is the case they give

"One Mother was concerned that her young daughter was not interested in boys," a Pastor noted, "she asked her little girl, 'why don't you talk about the cute boys at school?' Her daughter replied, 'oh momma, nobody I know is cuter than Jar Jar Binks.'

It gets worse as there was a life sized doll created and sold in toy shops, amazingly this was then used by children as a masterbation toy according to experts…."the evidence is overwhelming. The doll was created for the sole purpose of masturbation. It has four openings, and three extrusions, making it compatible for male or female pleasure."

Well i am off to buy one of these dolls asap i am encourage everyone else to dicth there partners and try this doll out maybe even a threesome could be wise who knows; the article can be found at link it is very interesting there is also another article on a candy bar of jar jar with a 10-inch tongue that looks very much like male reproductive organs

Well anyway i must go and prepare for tonight and i shall probably report back tomorrow with my love for star wars even more however i may be just be sitting in the thearter watching it over and over again.

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