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January 18, 2006

Tourism for the lesser man.

A child plays with a toy train set. The train goes round and round the track, picking up passengers and stopping at signals. A man is in the train, he likes to sit in the buffet car. When he looks out of the window, he can see his favourite plastic tree. There is never anyone else in the buffet cart. The man is lonely. But sometimes he is happy because the train goes around the track. Eventually, the child gets bored and puts the train back in its box. The man then sits in the dark, chewing on a small plastic umbrella.

It could be a lot worse.

January 15, 2006

Floss to the face of entry

Interested in the real world? You shouldn't be. But if you choose to hang around there like a loser, come and see my band play on the Thursday 2nd of February in the graduate club. We are called Naliam, yar.

Its Bandsoc battle of the bands heat 2. Long live el soc!

Here are the other dates – attend them all with righteous fury!

Heat 1: Thursday 26th January
Heat 2: Thursday 2nd February
Heat 3: Thursday 9th February
Heat 4: Tuesday 14th February
Heat 5: Thursday 16th February

Runners Up Heat: Tuesday 21st February
Grand Final: Tuesday 7th MARCH

If if I see you there, I won't know. Thats because you are a sexless person of the interent communicating without facial expressions or true knowledge of mind. But hell, come anyway, you might even enjoy yourself.

– Mr Rob

Up Data in the fringe of hair

Up? Date? I wrote a poem poet porcupine. Go here to read it:

Here, you fool <- A kick in the frontal lobe

I also included a beautifully written examination of this modern masterpeice. Knock yourself out reading it. With a spanner.


– Rob

January 13, 2006

Block the Attacks of the wicked. Blog?

Hello there, warwick blog people. Stricken with a need to publicise my personality, I've created a Warwick blog. Who knows if I will update it or not?

Here is my other blog on Myspace:

Look at me linking something

It gets updated reasonably regularly. If you want an update on how I am or what I'm doing, don't bother checking this. Hell, why would you care? My blogs tend to be a series of thoughts poorly strung together. I finding it diverting and some people seem to read it, so:

The slower to goer the faster you master the curtains they slip from your grasp. Tenuous links to light, which direction are you going in?

Don't you just adore metaphors? Teehee..

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