May 03, 2005


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I was at home today (have been doing a bit of the ol' vision) and got a text from me homie Joe ("Joe Tha Hoe" – his blog ) saying "Dude we have like a proper bo frog in our sheep dip!" which was the followed shortly after by "DUDE WE HAVE A HOARD OF FROGS"


Naturally, i did the only sensible thing, and drove back up to the ol' Leamington Massive to check em out. And hes right. Theres some frogs.

Check them out here – theres photos and everything!

Theyre a bit slow tho them frogs. Our other housemate Chris (dubbed "Chrissy-D") poked one of them with a blade of grass from our "jungle-is-massive" garden. There wasnt much of an effect.

From this notable scientific observation. I have decided that our sheep dip contains a high concentration of beer (hinted at by the empty beer cans that occasionly end up in there – quite how they get out of our binbags and into the pond, i dont know!)

Hence, we have drunk frogs.

So they may not "ribbit" properly!

*note, they may be toads!

**memory of a lecturer talking about levitating a frog in a magnetic field (who says Physics was boring!)

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  1. Why am I not on your favourites you big meanie head!

    12 May 2005, 21:33

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