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December 05, 2005

Uber Dream

Just had the most amazing dream, was completly convinced it was real.

I was a slave being forced to fight others to the death so rich people could bet money on who would live (ok…. not very original i'll admit). This was occuring in a big pavillion without a roof, crica 1900. At feeding time, me and a couple of other slaves (a bufty indian guy and a weedy white guy named pete) jumped a guard and killed him. But as he lay dying, he laughed at us and revealed we were in fact.. underground. Deep underground. The sky we could see was fake.

We climbed over the wall of the ampithetre, and found ourselves in a massive space with white marble buildingsa and lakes and fountains and generally amazing architeture, and there were lots of casinos etc around. We maneged to find a service entrance and took a mine cart ride, hoping it would lead us to the surface. Unfortunetly, pete got killed by a ghost or something, not entrirely sure what happened but he was defeintly dead.
We went off the end of the tracks and fell into some water, which we realised was at the bottom of a massivly deep and wide minesaft that lead straight to the surface. Unfortunetly, it was full of sharks, and they ate the indian guy. I maneged to swim frantically to one side of the mining shaft where there was a FLOATING red double decker bus. I climbed on, and found some cloathes belonging to some lord or sother, and so I put them on.

Not entirely sure what happened next, but I ended up talking to the owenr of the whole place as he showed me around the legit parts of the gambling plaza. i was pretending to be a visditin g and very rich lord so i was putting on thsi voice that hurt my throat. ANyway, i saw I had somehow left brutus (my teddy bear?!?!??!?!) on a gambling table, and people were now playing 21 (all rich lords) on the same table. So i went over and joined in the game, and jokingly said we should bet for ownership of the teddybair.

Soon it was just me and one other guy, and he got 23 and myself 18. It was increadably tense, and i was very lucky.

I confessed as much to the Owner lord, how was starting to grow suspicious because of my lack of gambling skills. He said I gambled like a woman. i laughed, and told him this was because there was nothing really interesting to gamble over, and noone else had enough money to gamble interestingly.

At this point i was led back to a different red london bus, which turned out to be a lift and we decended to the ampithetre from which i had escaped. We watched a life or death battle and I won the bet i had had to make on it. Then we were intorduced to a rich visiting physictian, who saw my hands and informed me and the owner i had the hands of a slave beacause of the sweat stains (?!!?!?!) on them.

I was led back to the bus, where the matron of the bus (a large older lady) was going to handcuff me to a rail. I was terrrified! So i started a speach….........
I told her I had a condition that makes me sweat to much and that i was embarrssed about it. I told her that as a long line of very rich lords we had people we employed who delt wioht people who had embarressed us. I told her that they oftan were unpleaseent and used red hot pokers. I told her that i remembered faces very well adn that hers would be in for some hot pokering. I also told her and the owner that if this indecnecyt could be done away with and forgotten, that i would return and gamble large sums of money, which i assured them i would lose.
The matron hesititated… looked at the owner…. who nodded. She put the handcuffs away, and the people on the bus started cheering. I told them to be quiet, the speech was not for there benifit.

The us went to the surface, where I was given my winnings, some money as an apology, and sent on my way. When i realised it was a dream adnd i woke up.


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