April 04, 2005


5 out of 5 stars

Damn this is a good book.

Read it for the 2nd time this week, and i can saftly put it near the top of my fave books list.

Begins with an amazingly intriguiging and exiting opening, and is the scariest book i've read. Mr King seems to have the ability to not just tell you about a story, but put you in the position of a certain char, which of course makes this much scarier than any film could ever be. Everything about this book is soup herb, the dialouge, action and terror fit together perfectly, and the reactions of normal people put into and abnormal senario are completly believeable.

I seriously advise EVERYONE to read this book AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

So it begins

So. This is it. The blog.

I've been putting this off, on the grounds that i have to many important thoughts to catergorise into a short paragraph each day, or possibly because i couldnt be bothered.

Well, Fuck It.

Im going to be shockingly truthfull, more or less.


Drinks sip of whiskey


looks at bottle


So, anyway, Today I also started "the diet". Again. Heres the plan: No fatty foods, and exersise. Did fairly well today, but then I always do the first day.

My sisters wedding is in about 6 months, I'd really like to be down to a normal, healthy size by then.

HA! Well, hopefully reporting daily status on this bloggo will help me sucseed (sigh, wich i could spell without all the effort involved in it).

Look at link, to see my latest funny/cool pics.

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