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April 30, 2005


Follow-up to Review – The Hitchickers guide to the galaxy from Bloggo

im afraid so, to both comments.

Oh, and they also forgot to mention digital watches.

Review – The Hitchickers guide to the galaxy

Was really quite poor. Sorry guys.

An slightly-worse than average sci-fi adventure film with the very minimum in
detail and hilariousness from the other media. Not enough guide. All of my faveroute bits cut out (apart from the whale).
A small number of good things: The vogons. Their ships.

Er… thats about it. trillian is annoying, zaphod more so (and WTF is goingon with his head? John Maclovic…. WHY? Arthurs been slightly heroised (like a carbon copy of standard sci fi reluctant hero). Ford is quite good.

Dont expect:
Ford convincing the decendent of genhis kahn to lie in the mud instead
Ford and arthur trying to persuade the vogon guard not to put them in the airlock
The explanation of how the infinate improability drive was created
The disproof of god
The overheard remark that sparks a multi-galaxy super war
An infinate number of monkeys handing arthur the script for hamlet theyve worked out, while ford is turning into a penguin.
An explanation of why a towel is usefull. They made it look like ford had a towel fetish. They like, completely fucked up on that regard. And because they miss this, the miss out an explination of what to do if you are faced with impending death at the hands of a bugblatter beast of traal.

Do expect:
Cool special effects, nicely done.
A slightly rubbishy story remash.
Marvin is awesome.
The doors are also cool.

All in all: To survive in this media all of the detailed complexity has been lost, along with most of the humour. Im sure people will love it they havnt read the books etc.
Really dissapointing.

April 28, 2005

Yes! I survive.

The Nut-Job Hero!
For bravery 40, for canibalism 21, for making people laugh 4, and for getting dirty 3... Some hero you are!

The vampires have risen and will replace every last human with their
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Well you may have started out a geek working some minimum wage job
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instead of letting some mask wearing freak stag you to death you
twisted his mask to the side so he couldn't see and kicked him where it
hurts (which he's still mad about because he came back without that
The women love you, or they reject you then get eaten by
werewolves; it doesn't matter to you, you've got your soul-mate until
someone better looking comes along.
And please note that beating the killer to death is cool; but
you might end up cutting off your hand and replacing it with a
cybernetic one in the 12th century.

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April 21, 2005

Ninja aspirations

Well it turns out im a melee kind of guy.
Short Sword
You preferred a weapon with 47% power over speed and 9% range over melee.
You use a Short Sword.Stylish
and deadly, a short sword, sabre or rapier is your weapon of choice.
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April 13, 2005


4 out of 5 stars

sahara is still in cinemas…

Sahara, far from being the formuleic average thriller i expected, is a really enjoyable film. It dosnt do anything particularly orignial or outstanding, but what it does do is particulary exiting action sequences held together by a very engageing plot.

The plot roughly: A group of treasure hunters go searching for an american civil war ironclad in africa, while a couple of doctors from the WHO go in search of the cause of a rather nasty plague.
This sounds considerably less exiting than is actually is, thanks to some above standard fare acting and some very cool on location filming.

The film maneges to be serious and funny, whithout detracting from the action sequences (theres a particularly cool bit with a speedboat. learn what "doing a panama" is), and there are several moments of undeniable coolness.

The music is what you'd expect from this type of film.

A highly enjoyable movie – and one worth watching on the big screen. You wont come out of the cinema feeling inteleectually challenged or enotionally stirred, but you will come out grinning, and occasionally going "wasnt the bit when they so cool?" with the ocassional hand gestures and 6-year-old style explosion sound effects to go with them.

Finally – im going to give it a percentage because i really hate mesuring things on only 5 stars.

89% – Does what it sets out to do very well – namely, entertainment.

April 08, 2005


Got the photos from the new forest camping trip back. There fairly poor quality, but its poissible to see just how flooded the campsite is, and who my mates are (Max, Chris, Dave, George and Ben).

I've lost 3 pounds since my last msg about my weight – my diet is going better than the exercise bit. My ankle is feeling much better since i sprained it, and my lungs feel healthier after stopping smoking, so hopefully the exercise will continue.

Naruto (anime bout ninjas) is fucking brilliant at the moment, although we seem to be stuck in a flashback patch at the moment.

Almost finished Dreamcatcher by Stephen King, expect a review soon. I also went to see The Ring 2, and you will soon be able to read why I disagree with the majority!


April 05, 2005

Sky Captain and the World Of Steam Punk

5 out of 5 stars

Thought i'd quickly review this, as i just watched it.

Its pretty good, and about as cool as you could ask for (without being a tarentino film).

I had to purchase this as soon as i read the blurb: "When giant robots attack new york…." is about as far as i got. Then i bought it.

It's SO COOL. It takes a little while to get used to the film, as its as if its lifted from the imagination of someone reading a comic, not a comic adaptation – everything that could happen in a comic happens, and as if it was perfectly normal.

It's filled with delightlful cliches, such as the "engineering bloke" and his ray gun, and the "Evil german scientist". Sounds a bit corny, but simply adds to the coolness.

The special effects are beyond reproach, and they have to be – theres not a single actual set in the entire film – something quite hard to believe given the quality of the acting and SFX. Its good to see serious actors such as jude law having a laugh playing an impossibly cool Sky Captain with a Very cools plane and Both gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie after his loins.

Yep. Damn cool.

April 04, 2005


5 out of 5 stars

Damn this is a good book.

Read it for the 2nd time this week, and i can saftly put it near the top of my fave books list.

Begins with an amazingly intriguiging and exiting opening, and is the scariest book i've read. Mr King seems to have the ability to not just tell you about a story, but put you in the position of a certain char, which of course makes this much scarier than any film could ever be. Everything about this book is soup herb, the dialouge, action and terror fit together perfectly, and the reactions of normal people put into and abnormal senario are completly believeable.

I seriously advise EVERYONE to read this book AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

So it begins

So. This is it. The blog.

I've been putting this off, on the grounds that i have to many important thoughts to catergorise into a short paragraph each day, or possibly because i couldnt be bothered.

Well, Fuck It.

Im going to be shockingly truthfull, more or less.


Drinks sip of whiskey


looks at bottle


So, anyway, Today I also started "the diet". Again. Heres the plan: No fatty foods, and exersise. Did fairly well today, but then I always do the first day.

My sisters wedding is in about 6 months, I'd really like to be down to a normal, healthy size by then.

HA! Well, hopefully reporting daily status on this bloggo will help me sucseed (sigh, wich i could spell without all the effort involved in it).

Look at link, to see my latest funny/cool pics.

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