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April 30, 2005


Follow-up to Review – The Hitchickers guide to the galaxy from Bloggo

im afraid so, to both comments.

Oh, and they also forgot to mention digital watches.

Review – The Hitchickers guide to the galaxy

Was really quite poor. Sorry guys.

An slightly-worse than average sci-fi adventure film with the very minimum in
detail and hilariousness from the other media. Not enough guide. All of my faveroute bits cut out (apart from the whale).
A small number of good things: The vogons. Their ships.

Er… thats about it. trillian is annoying, zaphod more so (and WTF is goingon with his head? John Maclovic…. WHY? Arthurs been slightly heroised (like a carbon copy of standard sci fi reluctant hero). Ford is quite good.

Dont expect:
Ford convincing the decendent of genhis kahn to lie in the mud instead
Ford and arthur trying to persuade the vogon guard not to put them in the airlock
The explanation of how the infinate improability drive was created
The disproof of god
The overheard remark that sparks a multi-galaxy super war
An infinate number of monkeys handing arthur the script for hamlet theyve worked out, while ford is turning into a penguin.
An explanation of why a towel is usefull. They made it look like ford had a towel fetish. They like, completely fucked up on that regard. And because they miss this, the miss out an explination of what to do if you are faced with impending death at the hands of a bugblatter beast of traal.

Do expect:
Cool special effects, nicely done.
A slightly rubbishy story remash.
Marvin is awesome.
The doors are also cool.

All in all: To survive in this media all of the detailed complexity has been lost, along with most of the humour. Im sure people will love it they havnt read the books etc.
Really dissapointing.

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