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May 19, 2005

Review – Star Wars III, Revenge of the Sith

See it.
See it now.

[edit] In my haste i forgot to mention quite how good this film is.

It is everything it should be.

In my opinion, it dosnt just live up to the original 3 films, it surpasses them.
Well, kind of. No major revelations, just one brilliant scene after another, beutifull and cool. The story is superb – the way anikin is turned to the dark side is completly believeable, and EVERy thread has been tied up, even continuity errors such as C3PO and R2D2 not remembering Obi Wan, and darths hight.

There is one particularly outstanding battle between two very important charecters, in a location from episode I that must have been made for it, its so perfect.

The music has always been one of the best things about star wars, and this film is no different – Mr John Williams is a genius.

The acting of Hayden (anikin) is vvastly improved from the last film.

The story is very moving, and extremely satisfying.

Im stilll in a bit of a daze as to how much I enjoyed this film.

SCORE = 110%

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