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May 08, 2007

One year on…


This really feels like writing with smoke. The last time i wrote on this blog has been over a year ago. and that is a simple expression of the fleeting passage of time. wow.

so am in italy at the mo. Its a sunny day, high of 27, low of 14 expected. and how to enumerate, list, discuss and ponder on the shenannigans of an entire year? to say the least its been one hell of an academic year; you arrive in a country not speaking the language, within a month you can defend, another month you can fight, another month you can inspire and then you cant really give a shit any more.

Italy is a funny country. god i love it, but the vanity principle is hilariously ridiculous and gets to a point where you feel like smashing those damn gucci sunglasses in their eyes, or burn those dreadlocks right off that scalp. not to say that there are not any vain people in the rest of the world. just walk around london, madrid, or even check out the gypsies with their camper vans and mercedes benz pulling it. ultimately it boils down to appearence, one’s reaction to appearence, and how you can make people react in a desired way. in short, micromanagement.

am off to buy a pair of sunglasses now… hey, when in rome…

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