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May 01, 2006

That damn equinox

First blog in a looong while.

Its that time of the year; trees bursting with green, tulips have exploded in a multitude of colour, everything seems to be glowing with a nascent energy which for human is expressed through relationships beginning and ending, illnesses, and whole lot of rampant sex.

i really enjoy spring, but in the UK, it takes too long. i mean for God's sake its already May, one month for summer to come around, and its still damn cold, and changes in plant morphology are only now relatively appreciable. average temperature back home: 25 degrees. at least il be going back soon.

essays have been given in. Keynes, Marx and science. damn interesting topics when i finally got down to doing them. and as usual, my only regret was not having started doing them earlier. I finally have some relative understanding of how economic systems function (at the macro–level anyhow) and as such, the importance of the constant inter–relationships and inter–plays between factors that affect employment, interest rates and liquidiy preferences. With Marx, i read how much importance he placed on his view of human nature that affected the superstructure of his general theory of historical materialism, and as such, how indebted he was to Hegel. The last one, how important the west was in the growth of science, i ended up with a nagging feeling that my literature gave off the impression that the rise of science was, in relative terms, an historical accident. it just "happened" to be that Europe enjoyed the right conditions for the development of science; our ancestors had the right mindset, the right legal developments and the correct institutional arrangements that allowed the Copernican revolution to occur. All seems like a bit of a farce to me. will have to go deeper into that.

anyhow, its that time of the year, no more going out, enjoying oneself in the sun and starving oneself of vitamin C cuz exams are around the corner (1 month, 2 days at the mo). fuck it, im gonna sunbathe on the roof.

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