January 29, 2006

spun out of a heliocentric universe

Arrived from London this morning. and i am feeling a void in my head. where thoughts should be, all i find is a mercurial churning, quicksilver spinning around the locus of my self.

went to london to celebrate the birthday of a good friend of mine, about 6 of us went, all on the megabus company (which btw is amazing; 2 hour trip from canon park to victoria station for about 3 pounds). we saw lyrics born and quantic, and in good fashion recieved a thorough alcohol-induced trashing. some more than others, i was pretty broke, and going into london armed with 25 pounds is not nearly half of what u should have to properly enjoy a night of that calibre. many anecdotes arose from the general chaos. attempted a failed flirtation with the fit little girl from the support act, where the common thread of a common language (in this case spanish) has oft than not, common results; namely a "oh really!? what are you doing here?" "and urself? u were amazing! can i get you a drink?" "oh sorry, i have to see some people, il try and see later though!"...

its amazing what sleep deprivation and booze can make one do. either pass out or summon energy from the most obscure sources. i wonder if the mitochondrial walls can function with alcohol. i suppose you'd create beer-fuelled twats exhuding vodka vapours. After 4 hours of sleep, where it started hailing-snowing when we got back home, a 2 hour bus ride and the lingering palseys of a beer occasionally striking you from the middle of nowhere, i am finally home and everything is a blank.

mercury is now slipping out of my ears, the yolk of my mind draining, and am looking forward to a few hours of mindless computer games, TV shows and movies. hopefully il wake up with actual grey matter and a couple of hemispheres between my ears, spinning around helios, me, the heliocentric universe of my mind. cuz right now, helios is a feeble matchstick and the planets of my reason of been flung out into the dark emptiness of vast space, the emptiness of my mind.

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