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October 16, 2005

X and Y

Even though Coldplay have a lot to live up to after their last album I dont think i can jump on the bandwagon and say that X and Y is the best thing ever and every time i hear Speed of Sound I stop what Im doing to sit and contemplate the musical goldust thats ringing in my ears, or something similar. The songs sound a little repetitive, a little depressing and at times like Im listening to the muffled wailings of a suicidal choirboy. To be honest, Fix You became successful because everyone heard it first at Live 8 and has been getting continuous radio coverage. But, having said that, it is a clever song which shows Chris Martin's musical genius in its four key harmony as well as being the only song to feature all four members singing; other than that XandY is on my playlist, but only because, and solely because, its Coldplay and you just have to.

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