October 18, 2005

things that make me grumpy

rabya's axis of evil

David Davies
Condoleeza Rice
Limp wristed upper middle class champaign socialists
men/ clingy lesbians
spoilt brats
people that walk slowly on the tube escalators
old people
young people
Tony Blair
Estelle Morris
public displays of affection
facial hair
Thomas Hobbes
parmesan cheese
american sitcoms/humour
mobile phones
championship manager
people that dont get little britain
political correctness
jacket potati=oes
gin and tonic
people chewing loudly
Fox News

October 17, 2005

coldplay X and Y

Follow-up to X and Y from Rabya's blog

Im glad you agree that Coldplay are a bit shit , at the moment anyway and that they probably peaked this time three years ago or whenever it was that rush of blood came out. people that compared them to floyd are the type of people that only recognise another brick in the wall and not much else, but, and this might sound a bit too optimistic, given a few more albums and airplay and the benefit of the doubt I reckon coldplay have the ability to become as iconic as Floyd, or thw Who.

October 16, 2005

X and Y

Even though Coldplay have a lot to live up to after their last album I dont think i can jump on the bandwagon and say that X and Y is the best thing ever and every time i hear Speed of Sound I stop what Im doing to sit and contemplate the musical goldust thats ringing in my ears, or something similar. The songs sound a little repetitive, a little depressing and at times like Im listening to the muffled wailings of a suicidal choirboy. To be honest, Fix You became successful because everyone heard it first at Live 8 and has been getting continuous radio coverage. But, having said that, it is a clever song which shows Chris Martin's musical genius in its four key harmony as well as being the only song to feature all four members singing; other than that XandY is on my playlist, but only because, and solely because, its Coldplay and you just have to.

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