March 28, 2007


I really DO intend to write my thoughts here more often y’know. Anyone seen Inland Empire or The Science of Sleep yet? Two films that I enjoyed muchly. Expect reviews soon, maybe… of other films, if not those.

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  1. Hey Reehan – how’s it going? I’ve left Warwick now but still check the blogs.

    I saw Inland Empire last week. I’d love to know what you thought of it – I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and ponder it carefully. I wasn’t as instantly fascinated by it as I was by Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive. I felt that although he seemed to be making efforts to explain himself in various scenes, in a way that he doesn’t in LH and MD, I was still missing something fairly fundamental. I need to see it again before I can begin to make sense of it.

    Haven’t seen The Science of Sleep. I’ve not really been engaged with film much recently. Not sure why.

    28 Mar 2007, 01:55

  2. Dan! So good to hear from you. I figured that you’d probably left by now, just as I’ve settled into Leam life, lol. Are you in Edinburgh (I think that’s where my memory tells me you were headed?). Hope you’re enjoying it wherever you are, and that you’re achieving everything you hoped for.

    In the meantime, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve become something of a Lynch convert. After hating Dune , feeling lukewarm towards Blue Velvet , and liking (but not loving) The Elephant Man , a viewing of Mulholland Dr. (actually, multiple viewings) convinced me that he had talent. It’s probably one of my favourite films ever, and I’m not exaggerating. I need to redo my fave films list.

    ANYWAY, because of my love for that film I travelled miles to see Inland Empire – I got back from holiday and was meant to travel down to the south coast but instead decided to go to Leam to catch it in time for its first showing at the Arts Centre. I couldn’t catch a second showing there because it was on too late, so instead I went to central London and stayed with a friend to watch it there! Obsessed or what?! Anyhowz, expect some incoherent thoughts on that – and a number of other films – some time soon.

    On another note, you really should get back into film. I miss having a partner to fawn over Tarkovsky and the likes.

    28 Mar 2007, 21:34

  3. I didn’t get the Edinburgh job, so I’m living in London until I find something. I might end up going to Paris next year actually, which would be rather cool. For one thing, I’d be forced to learn French properly, and then I would have the whole of French cinema to watch in the original!

    Great news about Lynch! :-) Have you seen Lost Highway? I think I slightly rate it over Mulholland Drive, but they’re both great. Also, don’t miss Eraserhead (his first film).

    As I think I’ve said before, you can only enjoy Dune if you’ve read the book. After you’ve read the book you would love the film, but probably not through any of its intrinsic qualities, just because it would remind you of the book. Am I correct in thinking that at the time it was one of the biggest loss making films ever, along with one of my favourite bad movies, Logan’s Run?

    30 Mar 2007, 01:16

  4. Sorry to hear about Edinburgh, but good luck with Paris. It’s an absolute dream of mine to live in France, and I’m envious about the potential incentive to learn French. I’ve tried (and failed) many a time due to lack of commitment. And it now looks like I’m gonna have to start learning Mandarin because I want to take a year out in China! When am I EVER gonna learn French? :sigh:

    I missed the boat somewhat with Lost Highway . I registered that a film with its title was on telly a few weeks ago, but it never actually clicked that it was the Lynch film. Whoops?! I’ll catch up with it soon. Seriously, I’m in love with the guy atm! Same goes for Eraserhead which I’ve always wanted to see. And Wild at Heart keeps on getting recommended to me at the moment as well, so I might check that out unless you’d advise otherwise?

    The ever-reliable (?) wikipedia informs me that Dune was made for $45m and made back only 60% of its budget in N. America. I’m guessing that when one factors in overseas gross + video sales/rentals it probably ended up in the black. No info on Logan’s Run tho, so I’m guessing it wasn’t that disastrous?

    And as for reading the book… I’m sure it’d probably enhance my enjoyment of the film but gawd, it’s really not something that I’d ever want to return to? I’m still scarred from that first experience – I mean, it delayed my viewing of Mulholland Dr. by about two years, which says a LOT. Plus I’ve got War and Peace sitting at home, very unread… that’ll probably take me the best part of the next two years when one factors into account the amount of time I spend watching films. ;-)

    30 Mar 2007, 04:23

  5. Oh I reckon learning Mandarin is probably cooler than learning French, although much more difficult. I also have in mind to learn Russian but I don’t know if I’ll ever get round to it.

    I think I feel about Wild at Heart something like I do about Blue Velvet. It’s good, but it’s not in the same league as Lost Highway, Mulholland Dr. etc.

    Dune is a good book although you won’t enjoy it unless you like sci-fi. War and Peace though – that has to come first!

    Am just watching Pulp Fiction at the moment, it happens to be on TV.

    31 Mar 2007, 00:24

  6. You’d be awesome at Russian, surely? Then you could read the literature that you love in its original text. Worth it!

    I’ve never been into sci-fi – unless its done by Tarkovsky, of course. But from what I understand there was a really intelligent movement within the genre back in the mid-20th century? That produced novels comparable to Tarkovsky’s films, maybe? If that’s the case then I probably should check some of the stuff out. I think it’s the fact that I’ve grown up with the whole Star Wars + Star Trek thing that leaves me with a distaste for the genre as whole, which is probably really unfair.

    But yeah, War and Peace above all I reckon. Should it ever happen. And as for Pulp Fiction , I still really love that film. Nowhere near as much as I used to, but it’s terrific entertainment and pretty damn creative by mid-90s American standards. I think it’s the rabid fanboyism over Tarantino himself that irks me more than his films. I wouldn’t be SO bothered, if it wasn’t for the fact that a ridiculously high percentage of young males (aka my peers) think he’s the greatest film director ever. It’s at times like that that I have to return to Pulp Fiction and remind myself that I do actually appreciate the guy.

    ANYWAY, I need me some Nostalgia ...

    31 Mar 2007, 01:00

  7. I’m actually quite a sci-fi fan. I was into it when I was young and it kinda sticks with you. It ranges from really, really awful to pretty damn good. Isaac Asimov wrote some fantastic novels (try the Foundation series for example). Dune and its sequels were also great. Good sci-fi is more like Tarkovsky sci-fi, it’s driven by good ideas about for example the long term future of humanity, not space battles and rubber alien suits. (Although I’d be lying if I said I don’t like Star Wars and Star Trek, but it’s a different sort of thing.) Incidentally, I know you don’t watch TV but there is a sci-fi series on at the moment called Battlestar Galactica. It’s a remake of a 70s sci-fi show that was terrible, but this remake is really good. One of the best things on TV for a long time. It deals with major issues of politics: the war on terror, class politics and revolution, etc. I highly recommend it. You can download it all with Bittorrent.

    Pulp Fiction is great. You can watch it again and again. The Harvey Keitel scene just finished – brilliant. Pretty much agree with your thoughts about Tarantino.

    31 Mar 2007, 02:09

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