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January 11, 2007

Lost in technology

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A mobile has become that piece of technology very useful and at the same time very frustrating, I felt a couple of times like a tech dinosour, the one that cannot understand the mobile and would like to throw it against the wall, but I decided not to get angry or frustated anymore, I am coping with the fact that my mobile is this mysterious, enigmatic and French companion that I would not dare to leave it abandoned (French as I havent worked out yet how to communicate with it yet not knowing the lingo and what can do for me apart from making urgent phone calls).

Mobiles in this country and the way that contracts work causes that you sort end up with a new mobile every year, and when you think you cracked it, then you renew your contract (it has happened with me three times now) and you get a much better one that does wonderful things (mine is a wonderful camera). However, we might not have the time to work out some of the marvellous but intriguing capabilities yet.

What is more this article suggests for instance that a mobile might even plan your healthy or unhealthy meal in the future. Cracky. The future makes us all have hectic lives and maybe our mobiles will be our personal assistants, so I see that you sort of wake up every morning and would not have to think at all. This reminds me “Little Britain”, but instead of having a computer, you will end up asking you mobile something and then you will repeat “mobile says no”.

January 08, 2007

Delhi children make play of the net

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This article is about an experiment that took place amongst children who were computer illiterate. The interest was to see how able they were to work out how computers work and use some of its facilities. Children basically got on with the task straightaway and they sorted out what to do by working collaboratively. It is very interesting as I have heard about other experiments looking at how sophisticated children are when dealing with abstract problems.

January 05, 2007

Youtube and the model

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The internet is democratic and has to be defended, but this struggle is to have some level of control to avoid the violations of people’s fundamental rights, like privacy and intimacy.

I reckon that having another media like youtube will make life with more trouble for those who are caught red-handed like this model and her boyfriend. I am amused by the fact that youtube did actually remove the movie but that users posted it again with different names. I suppose that is the price for having a democratic means. Instead of controlling users posting video like the one referred in the article, thre must be a way in which the means can be self-regulating, because democracy usually means for me minimum control.

January 04, 2007

New technology and Sadam

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How different would history’s view of Saddam’s execution have been if we had only seen the official version? The first pictures shocked many – but there was a sense of dignity to the proceedings. The emergence of the mobile phone pictures showed an entirely different story – the proceedings had no dignity at all – a guard was abusing the former dictator, so much so that the whole thing was nearly called off.

Technology is truly changing how we receive and look for news, the media and the way we see and perceive what is happening, the content (for those who would like to know what is really going on). At the end of the day, technology is a powerful means but if it is ignored, it means nothing, if it is controlled, it is misleading, if its is open, it gives many options (and you are free to choose one). Just how much we would be missing without knowing the true. A picture always tell a thousand words, but the words that the messenger want us to believe. Although at first I was disgusted by the fact that officials went to Sadam’s execution with mobile phones, that wasnt that bad after all because it allowed us to know the true. I like the fact that technology is accommodating somehow to us and amongst many things it is serving us to know the real facts. It is letting us be the judges in a case with more substancial evidence. If you see the real evidence, well you can make your own decision knowing all the facts.

January 03, 2007

The return to…

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working long hours in an office…

or for some never went, but people spoke about working “long hours” in the process of dying out. There were some trends taking off others being talked for a while, stuff that actually I learned in the MA in HRM that I took and it was about companies using more types of flexible working, such as home working, part time working, hot desking. I remember we talk about the trend towards having more part timers and I lived that actually as I used to part time for two and once for three institutions. I also think the prophecy some time ago was working from home and well, the Internet was one of the trends which allow some people to talk about home working and obviously some lucky ones must have been able to do so.

However, it is also the Internet and the relationships between this and global competitiveness what is causing the opposite according to this article. I agree with this to the extend that the mix of many trends (amongst them the Internet and its repercusions in globalisation) has many consequences amongst them the shift of manufacturing businesses to fast-developing countries. These countries and that is positive and negative (due to consequences of globalisation) are making the world more competitive and has caused the return of long hours in the office (or maybe it was just there awating to be talk about again).

December 30, 2006

China 'unblocks' Wikipedia site

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What a clever move, isnt it? It even went better for them than when google tried as they have been struggling to enter the Chinese market and I believe the Chinese government is still having some controls over the information people can access (from what I read in the media). Well, I reckon that Jimmy Wales, the Wikipedia creator, must have been behind all this. I am thinking that amongst those sugar dadies in this current web 2.0, this guy must be a popular name too, maybe it is already. There is also another lesson then and it is about “perseverance”; yes because Wikipedia persevered to make China government come around letting its people use Wikipedia.

December 17, 2006

The YouTube Gurus

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I am not exactly looking for a “to do list to go from A to B”, but these people have caught my attention

-good listeners
-peripatetic (in simple terms, philosopher)
-kind of risk takers

I would add damn lucky now although they havent received any money yet apparently. And the third one in the youtube group quite I woudl say is quite unlucky (yes there is a third one the not famous one) who might have cursed his luck. However, I would not be so sure either. They might be in the highest point now (I mean the two famous ones), you never know tomorrow.


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