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October 06, 2006


Now this one is really useful. I resolved that I would make my best to correct my mistakes from previous studies (if that is possible). And one of them is the referencing and bibliography.

Just think that if a 2-3 months research project for a MA dissertation can become unmanageable, what about a Phd thesis, it can become the same disaster but in a much larger scale.

I also heard another student who mentioned the word “systematic” and this is what a Phd is about, being systematic, so in order to start…we should aim at…

Blaxter L, Hughes c & tight M (2004) “How to research”, 2nd ed, Open University Press, Maidenhead

Being meticulous, from the beginning of your research project right through to its end and beyond, will save you time and trouble in the long turn (p119)

Induction reflections

Conducting a Phd is not only a continuous communication with your supervisor or a process based on a series of conversations with your supervisor only. There is wider public with whom we can get engaged in an interesting and productive ongoing conversation.

We shouldnt sit and rest when we think we know everything regarding a topic. We can always learn something new. I am writing about this because I was shocked when some new students were enquiring if some modules are compulsory for them. they might feel that they have already learned everything about research.

I mean it is true we are all busy and we might know everything at some point about a topic (or at least we confidently think so) but we should at least make the effort and turn up on the first day (to give an opportunity) as we might get something out of it. I took a research methods module during my BA and then my MA at a different university and this was taught in a very different way in each occasion. Apart from this, we are very different from what we were during our previous studies.

During my BA, I carried out a research on teaching evaluation and my methodology was very intuitive and unfolded gradually during my course. Then when doing my MA my research was very empirical, I was lucky to have a very good supervisor from whose knowledge I benefited greaty and during the fieldwork I found the reasons when covering the literature. Doing the literature review then made more sense.

Looking at the same topic, in this case, research methods, but from a different perspective, gives us the chance to try something new or maybe to discover a method that we didnt find appealing or find diffiicult to use and incorporate in our research previously.

And now the tough part of all this, get something useful out of your Phd, a part from thinking of your contribution which might not be clear at the beginning, try to voice your research to other type of public or a wider public and they might be able to find it useful or benefit from it so then you gain some insights. This might lead you leater to creat new knowledge.

Chosing a method

It is important that we do not find ourselves restricted by the kind of research methods we command.

At least I would not like to find myself restricted later on during my Phd. The methods we use which are like the ways we use to walk might be different, some more difficult than others, you might get at the end to the same point, but what about taking a way (or using a different method) that can take you somewhere you were not expecting, a better place (or more interesting point to think). We should not waste that chance.

Even if we are not the numeric type of person, it might be still possible for us to use a quantitative method.


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