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January 03, 2007

New Year New Page

Writing about web page


Janet, my Spanish student invited us to her home on 24th for her birthday. I learned a lesson there, do something nice for those who you appreciate on your birthday. On 25th I saw the traditional English Christmas pudding being served and spent some time with a great English family. It was warmed not only by the place but also their hearts. I also lost my mobile for one day and realised I can live happily without technology (mobiles), I didnt seem that bothered for losing the phone, I thought it was destiny telling me to fall apart from technology, until the mobile was found in Janet’s house. Apart from this, in my house we relaxed, ate, drunk, slept loads…with my love ones in this part of the work. Mashala.

New Year

I actually was very excited and seem that didnt need any coffee to boost and have enough energy in order to clean the house, buy flowers, send emails to friends, cook for my friends and then go the our dear friends’ house with loads of cholocate and wine! and have a lovely dinner at 9pm. We were showered with champagne (just a little) and ate 12 pieces of chocolate instead of grapes. (I had forgotten to buy grapes) I couldnt think of my wishes as I was more worried about finishing the chololate before midnight counting 12, 11, 10,... I just could think, I want peace (in the world). I called my dad and brother and well, that’s one of the reasons why I would like to reunite the family.

My resolutions

Many really, all of them important, some of them urgent, some not, but I am treating them as urgent. Keep more in touch with my friends. Change my attitude about having a family of my own, yes, but in three years (at least). I feel I am too young to have family still!. I want to travel more (full stop), I want to reunite a part of my family (this is a tough one because we are all living in two different continents). I want to exercise, yes, I am not what I used to be before and that requires either me stop eating or start exercising, I love eating so I only have one choice. Take up an outdoors hobby (even tougher due to the weather conditions in this part of the world but let’s see)...Improve the face of my blog, as well as the content. and keep blogging!



If I could live my life again.
Next time, I would try to make more mistakes.
I would not try to be so perfect, I would relax more.
I would be sillier than I have been.
I would take fewer things seriously.
I would be less fastidious.
Accept more risks, I would take more trips,
Contemplate more evenings,
Climb more mountains, and swim more rivers…
I would go to more places where I have not been,
Eat more ice cream and fewer beans.
I would have more real problems and less imaginary ones.
I was one of those people who lived
sensibly and meticulously every minute of their life.
Of course I have had moments of happiness.
But if I could go back in time, I would try to
have good moments only,
and not waste precious time.
I was someone never went
anywhere without a thermometer, a
hot water bag, an umbrella
and a parachute. If I could live again,
I would travel more frivolously.
If I could live again, I would begin
to walk barefoot at the beginning of the spring
and I would continue to do so until the end of autumn.
I would ride more merry-go-rounds,
I would contemplate more evenings and I would play
with more children.
If I could have another life ahead.
But I am 85 years old you see, and I know that I am dying.

December 02, 2006


Writing about web page

The region of the colourful carnival celebration shown in a previous entry is located in the south of Peru.

Lake Titicaca is said, in a leyend, served as a birthplace for the Inca Empire founders, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo.

That is why Peruvians are called “Hijos del Sol” or Children of the Sun and that what I remember from School.



Jose Maria Arguedas

Writing about web page

This Peruvian writer created the Agony of Rasu-Niti, which is the story have been refering in my previous two entries. I must have read one of his books when I was at school because it is compulsory reading. I remember with feeling of nostalgia when I thought about Inka culture which is similar to the feeling I am having now that I am thinking about Peru from England.

Jose Maria Arguedas

La agonía del Rasu–Ñiti or the Agony of Rasu–Niti

Writing about web page

In my previous entry I remembered the story of the scissors dancer who died dancing and who passed his scissors to the one who will continue dancing, well a Peruvian writer created that story and that was made a video and released in Peru so many years ago but I still have in mind the scene in which the scissors dancer was passing away. the actor who performed that role was amazing. He was old at that time and I dont think he is still alive now.

Dance of scissors

Writing about web page

The related website shows how the dance of scissors might have been originated as a way to keep Quechua Culture alive in the minds of Peruvians during the time Peru was a Spanish colony.

When I was a child I remember I saw video in television showing the life a scissors dancer. A scissors dancer has to carry on dancing until the end of his days.

When he is about to die he passes his scissors to the one who will continue dancing instead of him. That video I am referering is “The Agony of Rasu Niti”, it only lasts 30 minutes. It will be a hard to get.

danza de tijeras

December 01, 2006

Carnavales de Juliaca en Puno or Juliaca Carnival in Puno


Todos vuelven or everybody comes back

The song and the video show it well, this song relates the journey back that dozens of Peruvians do everytime they have to go abroad to work or whatever and what they felt. When I go home, the most important parts are the beginning and the end. It is like the journey itself is not as important leaving and arriving. I felt moved because I left people I love in this country in order to see people I love in my country.

When I took off and I was overwhelmed by the situation, I struggle trying to cope with the expectations of seen my country and my family again. When I arrived, I am full of expectations again, but different, what I will see, how things have changed. The happiness of being in my country and seen my family accompany for most of the time when I get back to England but I tried to keep in my heart so I dont get homesick and can focus on what I have to do.

Cesar Alredo Miro Quesada Bahamonde, well known as Cesar Miro (1907-1999) was a Peruvian writer and great composer that created the most beautiful vals “Everybody comes back”, a hynm to the nostalgia, to the love to the land that saw us born. This song has been recorded by years ago by Ruben Blades making it international. In this clip, there are images of a flight to Lima and the night landing in Jorge Chavez international airport, there are also views of traditional Lima. We hear the voices of Jesus Chavez (The queen and lady of criollo music) and Victor Davalos (Important Arequipa musician) member of the now gone pair “Davalos Brothers”.

“César Alfredo Miró Quesada Bahamonde, mas conocido sólo como César Miró (1907-1999) fué un hombre de letras y gran compositor peruano que creó el bello vals “Todos Vuelven”, un himno a la nostalgia, de amor a la tierra que nos viera nacer. Este tema musical lo ha grabado hace años Rubén Blades haciendolo internacional.
En este clip se ven imágenes de un vuelo a Lima y aterrizaje nocturno en el Aeropuerto Internacional “Jorge Chavez”, así como vistas de Lima tradicional. Acompañan las voces de Jesús Vásquez (la reina y señora de la canción criolla) y Victor Dávalos (importante músico arequipeño) integrante del desaparecido dúo “Los Hnos. Dávalos” (Youtube:Criollismo)

Danzantes de tijeras or Scissors Dancers

I still remember the first time I saw a scissors dancer, I went with my family to a local celebration far from the place we live. I felt moved by what I was watching and I couldnt stop watching and being amazed. They seem magical as if they are good due to a secret pact and they are hiding this from us. Now searching I discovered that they indeed have a secret pact they are the only ones to know and that way they manage to keep us betwiched.

Just in case, these are not the scissors sisters…sorry I cannot leave sense of humour behind. Bear in mind that this came before breakdancing and not the other way round! However, it is amazing how breakdancing resemble the dance of scissors. This clip I found shows a Peruvian television programme in which there was a competition between a group of scissors dancers and breakdancers.

And this one shows a Scissors dancer showing his art with dance music in the background. I thought it was very creative. Miki Gonzalez is a musician, he used to sing in the 80’s and now he does support more regional music. I reckon like this attempt. He is behind that dance song we hear at the background. I went to one of his concerts for the New Year during my bachellors’ degree in Peru.

Peruvian faces

We might not be that fantastic looking but we are peruvianly nice looking!


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