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July 03, 2008

Without practice

Why practice makes perfect?

“Without constant practice, the officers will be nervous and undecided when mustering for battle; without constant practice, the general will be wavering and irresolute when the crisis is at hand.”

Translation of the Art of War

January 11, 2007

Blogs versus real news

Writing about web page

I realise that it is positive to play the role of the devil’s advocate as a means to be self critical, for instance, I use blogs a lot but I am aware that this is not everybody’s cup of tea and that you have to get something from it in order to actually use them and play with them. I feel I learn from them and that I will use what I post or maybe others during our studies so I keep reading and posting.

However, I got the feeling that some of these reactions towards emerging new ways of communication, which are certainly more personalised and are going to change the way we perceive the news, bring “mixed feelings” but calling what is not in a blog “real” news really makes ouchh!, especially coming from a blog journalist.

How about the way media broadcoasted a version of Saddam’s execution that give us a picture that has not relation whatsoever with what really happened there and that we all got it from a couple of mobile phones, so this means that we should not take this seriously either?

Just because it does not come from a traditional means like the news at ten does not mean it is not real. For me apart from entertaining (the news at ten works better than sleeping pills for me sometimes), it is informative, I am sure you get a lot of rubbish, in blogs as you get a lot of rubbish from traditional media when hearing what people say in the news (journalists and those who make the news). However we should bear in mind that it comes from people as well.

January 08, 2007

Blog power?

Writing about web page

Five influential bloggers were invited to meet Bill Gates at the CES -Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

This is an indication of how influential bloggers are in the technology market. Microsoft is not stupid -it knows that these bloggers speak directly to a large community and are admired for their honesty, cynicism and knowledge of the subject matter.

however, there is still some divided opinions about blogs, is it a fad? is it a waste of time? is it just for therapy?

January 05, 2007

The online journalist

Writing about web page

Life is simpler for the online journalist – but not without its challenges. The priority always is getting text – or copy as we call it – back to the journalists in London so it can be formatted for the web.

They say that the web is a serial killer and I see it provokes a revolution, first business, education and now journalism. First they said the role of the teacher and the trainer were going to be challenged. Now I hear it is about the journalist. What I see is that it is also creating new breeds and maybe rare breeds such as the learning technologist.

January 04, 2007

The hi–tech high points of 2006

Writing about web page

Overall this is a nice article, I prefer the first part of the article rather than the second one though. Now, I am highlighting two points from this article, to which I agree to certain extent.

The real innovation this year has been in the ways we use the technologies, in their availability and ease of use, and in the manner in which the services and applications are embedded in all aspects of daily life, whether at home or work.

This is what makes this web 2.0 boom different from the web boom in the previous decade, how we use the technology without being considered geeks and how technology is embedded in our lives, for instance by using amazon as another option when buying books, dvds,and so on; booking flights, using the dictionary online, sharing and constructinig knowledge in group through wikipedia; without mentioning the email and the options to create groups in order to keep in touch such as google groups, yahoo grouos, blogger.

If we can succeed in getting wireless laptops into the hands of hundreds of millions of children outside the developed world then we will have bridged the digital divide and opened up the network to the poor, the disadvantaged and the exploited.

Although this seems to be a nice dream, this might be only a dream because I am not sure this will be a way to benefit developing countries, it is about what those children are going to learn with the laptops. In here I see a danger. There is a risk of putting technology before learning. This was the problem before in the nineties with e-learning, this e bit should be important and should refer to enhancing learning, but developing countries, like mine need more than wireless laptops, they need a solid educational structure including underpinning principles, they need teachers, yes, they are still important as guides or facillators. Otherwise, the way I see this, children can end up accessing their emails and chatting using the messenger instead of learning.

January 03, 2007

Human interaction

Writing about web page

The fastest-growing parts of the internet all involve direct human interaction

This is everywhere and this is a paradox, we find ourselves (or the majority) relying more on technology to fulfil needs of belonging, so basically to feel that we belong to the world and we have a community that we can get some support from. I reckon in essence we are not that different to pre-historic ancestors, we still need a group in order to live, hunt, eat,...

I reckon distance plays an important role, my family is between Peru, Brazil and Spain. I reckon that the best answer would be one day to arrange a web conference so we can see our faces. Now I am doing a PhD apart from working and basically I have to be isolated to work and then interaction from 9am to 5pm is reduced to me and my computer, apart from the brief moments when I come out to chat with the people next door.

December 30, 2006

Wikipedia creator turns to search

Writing about web page

Before going into the detail of this article, I thought gosh why we need another search engine, well, the Wikipedia creator is right as it is better for us having other options on how to search. Although I am not very much in my comfort zone when saying this, change is good for us and (from the consumerism point of of view) as web costumers we have the right to have more options.

December 26, 2006

Man leaves Barrow over weblog

Writing about web page

Did this guy go over the top with pouring his heartly comments about the town in question? Well at the beginning I disliked this piece of news maybe due to empathy. How shall I feel if I write something in my blog and somebody used it against me, like in the case of this person. However, this has happened before.

I remember reading about an ex-fligh attendant that go fired but I believe she actually went over the top by being taken photos in her work uniform and saying god knows what and blogging it.

However, in my heart and just bearing in mind that it is someone’s diary, I felt that newspaper should not have used his blog to make a point. I might just be dreaming now, this does happen in real life, for years and years people have been using whatever they can to make a point against others, sometimes fair or sometimes unfair.

If that guy did not like Barlow well, I reckon that many locals out there do not like their own towns or cities and speaking this out (expressing an opinion) and nobody is throwing them stones.

Looking at the glass half full, then, at least the guy got to come back to his New Castle and some people got the benefit of having free chocolate, so the company re-gained their customers. It seems that this is a win win situation but I would think twice before blogging as it seems that I cannot only get fired for this but I can also be thrown stones (like this guy).

December 22, 2006

Three things I learned about blogs (so far) well four!

Yes, blogs has different uses for me. I am sure people can be very effective without them. Well not me. I need them as a therapy, I was going to put a link to my blog called “los perros y los gatos” (dogs and cats” but decided not to because I dont talk about dogs or cats, I actually talk about men and I theory I have .Anyway as you might think, I use this blog then for therapy. Why paying somebody else to listen to you and reassure you that you are not crazy, when it is healthier to assume that we are all crazy but need something to release those crazy thoughts and feelings. It makes sense for me.

I also need them because I am forgetful, I used to have good memory, some think I still have, well not me again. It is a blog, I record everything most of the time that I dont want to forget. One day I was feeling sad that I did remember some things that happened when I was child, some things that were said, some things that I did not want to forget, well, I cannot write a book now, I have a doctoral dissertation to write about and be entertained with, so then my book has to wait, but I dont want to forget those things.

Apart from memories, I need to blog to store photos, links and everything that I think it is a good idea and that it will be able to inform either my research, work or both. My computer memory is full and has been full for two weeks, I need more space, well, I blog now what I cannot carry with me but it is useful. This is mobile! I even learned today to reduce the size of pictures, hooray and that’s why I have that rose on the front page of this blog. And this is why my blog is now black, so it colour matches with the rose! Many more photos are expecting me to reduce them now. World has become flooded by a vast amount of information that I will not be able to read. And maybe I will not read it but at least I tried.

I like to read news and opinions about news and I found this in some journalists’ blogs. something more interesting that just reading facts is reading what human beings do with the facts and the links they make and then write. This does not stop only with news, I want to read about what is going in the box, yes, the telly and my favourite programmes like stricly come dancing, yes, that again. I like it and I want to know more about that. Well, now I admit that I like Big Brother, everybody criticises it, with good reason. For me it is more about learning part of the British culture that nobody wants to talk about. I also want to learn more about the colloquial modernish English. We need something to talk about apart from the weather, for blog’s sake.

December 21, 2006

Web Boom 2.0 or Are we entering another bubble?

Writing about web page,9171,1570705,00.html

Scary, especially for those who like google (I am including myself in those). Some points from this article,

  • Web Boom’s sugar daddies = google, aol, yahoo and Microsoft
  • Foreseen end of this web bubble? = when google’s stock crashed (According to them when “Google stock will crash”)
  • The forgotten? = Bill Gates
  • The catchy phrase (or implicit agreement) = “this time is different”, this seems to be “the phrase” every time I read about “The internet and the companies.


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