October 15, 2007

why following random ways is good for you

Just would like to reflect about and to share briefly an experience I had recently

I signed up to receive those online services you might have heard of “quote of the day” and “word of the day” (you may see it on the left hand side of this blog)

I received them daily and directly to my blog. Sometimes I forget completely about them so for me it is good to have them handy on the web as they are the blog, I remember to look at them occassionally

Recently I had a quick look and found out about the prince of paradox, Chesterton, an Englishman whose work is underrated to say the least.

Apparently he has inspired many big political figures around the word, Gandhi for example

Anyway I wont go into the reasons underlying why his work is underrated and maybe forgotten by the majority. I would like to highlight however that it is quite rare and unique to find an author like him.

This experience seems to be everywhere and to be shared by lots of people, for example, in facebook, just search for “Chesterton” and you will know what I am talking about

The Americans appreciate what is good and there is an American Society of Chesterton, so if they are doing something about it, there must be some good financial reason behind this. Just google “Chesterton” and you will see.

Finding a book or an author that inspires you during your PhD or any research you are carrying out is really a precious gift.

I got a book of him from the internet, I enjoyed reading and think it may be useful for my doctorate studies.

This is just an example of why following random ways can be good for you, you will never know where it would take you unless you try…

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