January 11, 2007

The OLPC Wiki

Writing about web page http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Main_Page

My first reaction:

e-learning, the “e” bit goes for enhancement, it is the means, this projects for me can go wrong if there is not enough informing and practical research on how children can benefit from technology, I am sure that children’s minds are sophisticated enough to work out how the lap top can work and what can they do with it (I have a posting about an experiment in Delhi conducted amongst children with no computer literacy skills).

However, my initial reaction is that all good project needs some background, in this case children e-pedagogy. Now, if this is covered then there is a hope. Otherwise, I come from a developing country and I see that projects with good intentions end up in nothing good for the population because there is something to develop and it is the country general infrastructure and education.

In addition there the issue about the content to be learned, what children have to learn?, what we need them to know? and other questions which can be resumed to what does a country need most from its future citizens in the long term? this is something for the government in every country to work on. This is certainly something that I will come back to later on, hopefully, to see something good coming out of it. http://www.laptop.org/

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