May 12, 2007

My e–book dream

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One of the problems with the word “technology” is that sometimes we related it to things like gizmo, gadget or “a thingy that might not work”. We forget, I forget, that technology is a book, the kettle, the alphabet. When we forget that these are artefacts of technology, they all become taken-for-granted. They stopped being considered technology and become part of our day-to-day life. Like it happens now with younger generations now, they are growing with ipods and msn (for example), so for them these will be like for us phones, books are.

Let’s now think about “books” and our relationships with them, yes because I feel there are many kinds of relationship we can have with books. These can be at the level of pets, children, partners, god knows what else! I reckon it will be difficult for some to think about the possibility of replacing them with “ebooks”.

However, let’s come back to the younger generations, those “digital natives” might not develop the same relationships we now develop with books. It seems that they might not even have a relationship with them at all. It is argued that these digital natives not be very much used to reading and writing, some claim that for them reflecting will be very hard (when it is obvious that reflecting is a very difficult task in nature for us now).

For those who are not digital natives, we still have a choice, it is matter of taking ir or not. Why amazon gives the choice of reading “an ebook” you might be interested in buying? It might be to replicate how we buy our books in a bookshop. I have found the readers’ comments very useful as well, this will replicat when a friend or anybody recommends a book to you.

Some have actually found one good use for an ebook. For example, instead of physically going to waterstones or wherever and look for a book that the store might not have in stock, I save a ride or a walk to the shop by browsing online. I reckon it might be matter of time the e-book for changing from dream to reality. We are in changing times. For the time being however until I am given more choices, I will enjoy reading a book and browsing an ebook before buying.

It’s partly that traditional books are such good technology, even compared with CDs or newspapers. They are a little larger than the hand, extremely portable, nice to hold and look at and remarkably cheap. Yes, there is an environmental issue but most are made of cheap, sustainable woodpulp. Simple technology that works is unlikely to go out of fashion. Those futurologists of the 1960s who predicted a world of silver jumpsuits and food-pills forgot that socks, buttons and saucepans were simple technology that worked, and the same is true of books.

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