January 11, 2007

Blogs versus real news

Writing about web page http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/technology/2007/01/blogs_versus_real_news.shtml

I realise that it is positive to play the role of the devil’s advocate as a means to be self critical, for instance, I use blogs a lot but I am aware that this is not everybody’s cup of tea and that you have to get something from it in order to actually use them and play with them. I feel I learn from them and that I will use what I post or maybe others during our studies so I keep reading and posting.

However, I got the feeling that some of these reactions towards emerging new ways of communication, which are certainly more personalised and are going to change the way we perceive the news, bring “mixed feelings” but calling what is not in a blog “real” news really makes ouchh!, especially coming from a blog journalist.

How about the way media broadcoasted a version of Saddam’s execution that give us a picture that has not relation whatsoever with what really happened there and that we all got it from a couple of mobile phones, so this means that we should not take this seriously either?

Just because it does not come from a traditional means like the news at ten does not mean it is not real. For me apart from entertaining (the news at ten works better than sleeping pills for me sometimes), it is informative, I am sure you get a lot of rubbish, in blogs as you get a lot of rubbish from traditional media when hearing what people say in the news (journalists and those who make the news). However we should bear in mind that it comes from people as well.

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