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April 12, 2007

Wilfing the net

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I finally found out what was happening to me. I suffer from the “what was I looking for” syndrome; which normally happens to me in real life and now it is also happening in my virtual life.

There were some symptoms, for example, when I was surfing in amazon (not the amazon) and I was looking for some books, I suddenly realised I have derived off the target and I found myself looking for some movies and books I do not want to buy…

And I thought I was being fickle or avoiding the task, maybe I was, however, suddenly it seems to be everywhere. Focus. It is not good for studies. I am telling myself, sometimes not succesfully. Maybe most of the time.

Wilfing is not in the dictionary yet, not in the online one anyway, I reckon it will be soon. I found “wolfing” meaning “to eat a large amount of food very quickly”. Virtually speaking, “wilfing” may have a similar meaning which would be “to eat visually a large amount of information very quickly, without digesting”.


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