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January 08, 2007

Delhi children make play of the net

Writing about web page

This article is about an experiment that took place amongst children who were computer illiterate. The interest was to see how able they were to work out how computers work and use some of its facilities. Children basically got on with the task straightaway and they sorted out what to do by working collaboratively. It is very interesting as I have heard about other experiments looking at how sophisticated children are when dealing with abstract problems.

Blog power?

Writing about web page

Five influential bloggers were invited to meet Bill Gates at the CES -Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

This is an indication of how influential bloggers are in the technology market. Microsoft is not stupid -it knows that these bloggers speak directly to a large community and are admired for their honesty, cynicism and knowledge of the subject matter.

however, there is still some divided opinions about blogs, is it a fad? is it a waste of time? is it just for therapy?


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