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December 02, 2006


Writing about web page

The region of the colourful carnival celebration shown in a previous entry is located in the south of Peru.

Lake Titicaca is said, in a leyend, served as a birthplace for the Inca Empire founders, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo.

That is why Peruvians are called “Hijos del Sol” or Children of the Sun and that what I remember from School.



Jose Maria Arguedas

Writing about web page

This Peruvian writer created the Agony of Rasu-Niti, which is the story have been refering in my previous two entries. I must have read one of his books when I was at school because it is compulsory reading. I remember with feeling of nostalgia when I thought about Inka culture which is similar to the feeling I am having now that I am thinking about Peru from England.

Jose Maria Arguedas

La agonía del Rasu–Ñiti or the Agony of Rasu–Niti

Writing about web page

In my previous entry I remembered the story of the scissors dancer who died dancing and who passed his scissors to the one who will continue dancing, well a Peruvian writer created that story and that was made a video and released in Peru so many years ago but I still have in mind the scene in which the scissors dancer was passing away. the actor who performed that role was amazing. He was old at that time and I dont think he is still alive now.

Dance of scissors

Writing about web page

The related website shows how the dance of scissors might have been originated as a way to keep Quechua Culture alive in the minds of Peruvians during the time Peru was a Spanish colony.

When I was a child I remember I saw video in television showing the life a scissors dancer. A scissors dancer has to carry on dancing until the end of his days.

When he is about to die he passes his scissors to the one who will continue dancing instead of him. That video I am referering is “The Agony of Rasu Niti”, it only lasts 30 minutes. It will be a hard to get.

danza de tijeras


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