April 15, 2007

Sincere Surrender.

Oh Gods of Blog, I prostrate my self, my unworthy, unkempt and unwashed self, at thy collective feet. I shall worship thee, Gods of Blog, with industrious Bloggage, creating self-indulgent memoirs undeserving of that grandiloquent title. They shall be verbose, yes, and of a ponderous heaviness.

Amen, Om and Hurray.


December 11, 2006

This was once a long period…

...but then I realised that it was far too grim.

Even Angel had an epiphany, you know?

Just imagine what I have saved you from: The Grimness of Ro. Oh, it doesn’t sound very bad. But I assure you, it was of Tolkienish despair that the grimness was forged (and why not, in this freaking cold place where the sun sets before its time) and your current happy, happy self is maintained only by my reticence.

Fear the Grim.


October 02, 2006

The Gods of Blog Have Triumphed…

...I might as well wear pink, or mink, or whatever the current fashion craze is, read some Dan Brown – or is he not cool anymore? – and smoke a cigarrette (some things never go out of style, and some people never run out of cliches).

After this intensive selling out – without profit! – I find that, still, I have nothing profoundly profound to type down here. Why do the Gods of Blog want me so? Are they so in need of worshippers that they’ll take any unwordy uninspired child that comes along? Do as I bid, and I don’t care how badly you do it, Mwuhahaha!?

While they go practise their insane laughing, I shall make a bold and daring escape attempt. Sing, O muses, etc.

If they don’t go “Mwuhahaha” I refuse to play any further.

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